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Agency PRYOU Starts

April 27, 2020 Comments Off on Agency PRYOU Starts

News from the PR agency PR4YOU Berlin-based PR agency PR4YOU recorded revenue growth of approximately 30% despite the economic crisis in the financial year 2009. Since the existence of our agency, we have made the largest leap of growth in 2009. This is one reason that we have gained many new customers to another but also keep in mind that our long-time customers remain faithful us. We take care of the most customers now have an average of 4 years\”, explains Holger Ballwanz, owner and Managing Director of the Berlin-based PR agency PR4YOU. In addition to expanding and improving the services PR4YOU continues to a small and effective team, consisting of 8 communications, media and economists with extensive professional experience in Public Relations, journalism, marketing, media planning and advertising. Include for our customers quality and not the size of the Agency itself, and it pays off for us\”, Ballwanz notes in his conclusion to the beginning of the year.

During 2009, mainly larger companies in the field of PR have saved, the interest of the middle class, however, has increased considerably. Here the effect is regarded by PR in economically difficult times as enormous, because editorials are usually more efficient and more credible than ads.\” The PR agency PR4YOU is also innovative ways. Since 2007, customers can book the services relating to the press, media and public relations, for example, on a contingency basis. We are 100% dependent on success. The success is measured at the height of the circulation of a newspaper or the TV transmitter’s range, where PR-induced customers reported. Basis for the calculation of fees provides the TKP – thousand contact price: cost of contact per thousand accomplished receiver (readers, listeners, viewers). \”The main attraction: no publication, is also no cost.\” Also in TV-PR and PR: radio demand 2009 so PR4YOU well since last year in this business full service offers.

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