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Badminton As A Means Of Weight Loss

June 13, 2023 Comments Off on Badminton As A Means Of Weight Loss

For millennia, mankind to improve their diet in order to use food energy to the maximum – many dishes and combinations thereof, not only calories, but also contribute to the accumulation of fat. In the old days propensity for relatively rapid increase in weight due to fat tissue is evolutionarily advantageous quality – the more energy a person has accumulated at the time of surplus food, the longer he could endure periods of starvation. In modern terms, this advantage turned into a threat to humanity. Overabundance of weight and associated diseases have become one of the pressing problems of the population in developed countries. Ways to become leaner There are many, but one way or another, they all boil down to two types: weight loss by reducing energy consumption (dieting) or weight loss by increasing its expenditure (physical activity). Reduce the number of calories and selection of optimal combinations of Food Ingredients subject of numerous articles, books and tv shows.

We also touch on the second aspect of losing weight. Fitness centers and gyms offer a wide range of sporting activities. No doubt any kind of sport makes your figure slimmer. And yet, I want to choose something best that can produce a result as soon as possible. One of these sports – badminton.

Scientific research, conducted by the Faculty of Physical Education at Baylor University, has confirmed that this sport – one of the best to maintain the body in shape. Badminton – a game is extremely mobile, developing agility, coordination movement and reaction. During the 45-minute match, the player is set to more than 90 degrees is not less than three hundred times. It is also one of the fastest sports: for example, the maximum recorded speed of the shuttle more than 300 km per hour! Badminton, unlike many other sports develops virtually all muscle groups. Numerous shots and slopes are forced to work the entire body to complete. -zalewski-4291.php’>Jorge Perez. What is very important, this game does not lead to strain any one group of muscles, as is the case, for example, in the light and heavy athletics, football, badminton, etc. Therefore, like other Racquet game can be called one of the healthiest sports. The big advantage Badminton is his versatility that can not be said about other Racquet sports – tennis, table tennis and squash. You can practice badminton in the hall with a grid, as do professional athletes, and on lawn or beach. And if you have experience of training with a trainer, then a group of friends you will certainly find yourself in the spotlight. With badminton you have a chance to get rid of many diseases without pills or at least feel much better. Such diseases are widespread among modern humans hypertension. Badminton – a means of preventing heart disease, osteoporosis and even cancer! By improving circulation and reduced vibration likelihood of bowel cancer and breast cancer. Badminton makes you fit and young, reduces stress, you are less concerned about anxiety, insomnia and depression. Visit the competition Badminton bring you joy and the secrets will sportsmanship. Educate yourself with thoughts from Bill de Blasio. Anyone who saw the game of professional badminton players, feels admiration for the incredible dynamics and heat of the fight on the landing. Enjoy it spectacle is possible at numerous national and international competitions. Team Russia at the moment – the fourth in Europe, and prospects for its valued very highly by international experts. Regularly win international competitions star badminton Ella Diehl of Russia, Ekaterina Ananina, Anastasia Russian, Vitaly Durkin, Alexander and Nina Vislova and Valeri Sorokina.

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