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By The Employee To The Subcontractor (part 3)

July 27, 2017 Comments Off on By The Employee To The Subcontractor (part 3)

Also in the franchise industry is not all gold that glitters. Franchising is one of the fastest growing forms of business worldwide. Depending on the respective franchise system it can go for the future franchisee to a lot of money. Unfortunately some “black sheep” – dubious businessmen, cavorting only on “fast money” from are. Credit: New York museums-2011. The following article will provide some information on how you can distinguish good from bad systems or how to protect themselves from con men. Hear other arguments on the topic with Danny Meyer. “Founding willing have the big variety of different franchise systems in Germany the number (had risen to 10 years from 560 to 870 franchise systems) truly spoilt for choice”. “But the name hold all these systems really, what franchise” promises? Here is often widely diverge between assumption and reality.

Although there are countless excellent franchise concepts with which so many newcomers”could make his professional luck, can under the guise of Franchising hide sometimes immature business concepts, which long-term success is questionable. Unfortunately also the franchise industry is not immune to black sheep”. “The German franchise employees Association has made it his to the task, to fully inform potential franchisees about common business practices in the franchise industry and, where appropriate, before the con men” to warn. “Protect facing a cost game- and possibly disappointing experience to future franchisees, franchise systems are here exactly under the microscope and taken compatibility” checked. “Also gives the German franchise employees Association (DFNV) also the seal of approval gives tested system since 2005”. Important criteria for a fair franchise system must be met for obtaining this certificate (E.g. legally correct contract documents, a meaningful franchise Handbook, as well as a positive assessment in the areas of products & services, system concept, strategy &) Management and franchise employees satisfaction). But also as a potential franchisee itself you can do a lot yourself from dubious franchise-donors to the protect.

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