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November 26, 2017 Comments Off on Content 4 Partners

Content and sales for travel sites travel blogs money earn? Resourceful bloggers know how it combines passion for writing with profit efficiency. The secret: More content on the suitable homepage, the higher its relevance on Google, Yahoo! and co. Ab-in-de-urlaub.de travel portal has designed a program 4 partners with content that enhances the attractiveness as an affiliate through more content and improved ranking. The installation is simple, the application free, design visually adaptable and the benefits of the affiliate programme for the participants are clearly obvious. People such as Restaurateur would likely agree. Who offers interesting travel information and reports, can extend its content with the C4P integration to a wide range of hotel services and assessments – whether hotels from the region or around the world, is left to the operator. The plugin provides a permanent access to the extensive hotel database from off in-de-urlaub.de and eliminates the need for the elaborate obtaining current and thematically appropriate content. With just a few clicks, which leaves out get search engine point of view important content to the extent of up to 1,800 travel-related pages on the private website.

This makes for higher traffic and at the same time be a significantly better found in the Google results. A user book his holidays on a participating travel blog on off-in-de-urlaub.de, the bloggers automatically receives a Commission. Further steps are no longer necessary after the successful registration, for travel booking and subsequent payment of the Blogbetreibers conducted completely via the affiliate zanox. Interested parties can the demo page examples of watch on the fully furnished version as well as the necessary steps of installation and inform about other conditions. University Service GmbH

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