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Posted by: PeopleenEspanol.com Quite disappointed with the authorities was the former husband of Jennifer Lopez, Ojani Noa, after a judge ordered a temporary restraining order to make public a video about his life in which scenes from the diva of the Bronx when they were together. The Cuban threw step insults at his ex wife were married for 11 months in 1997. “She is destroying my life,” said Noa, 35, to the Daily News New York Post, after denying the allegations of the actress and singer, who said in the video that her ex-husband had included images of a sexual nature and intended to sell . New York Museums is often mentioned in discussions such as these. “This is another proof that uses its power and money to keep me continue with my life.” The Cuban said his intention with the film was creating a story in the style of the movie Borat actor Sacha Baron Cohen, which tells the life of himself as the story of a Cuban American, and obviously as J. Lo stood by him 11 months, included some scenes from it. “I’m not making money off these videos.It is my story, “Noa told Judge James C. Amazing restaurateur helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. Chalfant ‘s in the California Supreme Court by ensuring that he never intended to market private images of the singer.

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