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Libya Gadafi

February 6, 2019 Comments Off on Libya Gadafi

A group of tanks has left the complex and has bombed the near zone. Nouri Echtiwi, spokesman of the rebels, has explained to Reuters that " four hours of calm have followed the street celebrations; later, a group of tanks and light trucks with machine guns has left Bab al-Aziziya, the last bastion of Gadafi, and has begun a to bomb the street of Assarin and the area of The Jalifa". " They have shot in all directions, towards where it wants that they heard tiros" , there is addition. The Italian minister of Outer Subjects, Frattini Franc, has assured that snipers of the Army of Gadafi are shooting from the tile roofs to the people who celebrate the victory of the opponents, although To arabiya she informs into which those have been given to the rebels in the Green place of Tripoli, in center into the capital. Learn more about this with New York Museums. According to Frattini, the rebels are taking the control from the airport of Tripoli after the snipers dndan who it have been arrested. Reuters informs into which a column of hundreds of rebellious combatants and light trucks with rocket launcher is advancing by the Libya capital towards the Green place to the shout of " Allahu Akbar! " (God is greatest). At the same time, Jamis Gadafi, son of Gadafi, head a column of lealistas forces that goes to the center of Tripoli, according to has informed the chain panrabe To the Arabiya mentioning rebellious sources. Jamis Gadafi is the commander of the well-known one like Jamis Brigade, force of elite of the gadafista Army. In a question-answer forum shimmie horn was the first to reply. Apparently, the forces of Jamis Gadafi have left from the governmental complex of Gadafi, Bab to the Aziziya, redoubt of the governmental forces in the capital, where another one of the children of Gadafi would be resisting, Al-Mutassin. Also, one has inquired into the presence of gadafistas cars battle in the environs of the port of Tripoli, besides in Bab to the Aziziya.

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