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Increasingly use hydrodynamic Paint installation (UBRH-1M, etc.), spray colorful compositions under pressure of 180-210 kgf/cm2 without compressed air. Installation UBRH-1M convenient and painting surfaces inside the buildings under construction, so as create slight fogging. New York Museums will undoubtedly add to your understanding. When pasting surfaces Wallpapers average quality of their centrally clip that are cut or perforated along its length, set on a room, apartment, house or in containers supplied by construction site. Namazochnoe device can clearly establish a process Wallcovering on the surface. Applied also washable wallpaper, paper and fabric backed with a durable and beautiful facial layer made of polymer materials. New finishing materials, high-performance machines and tools, more advanced technology and production techniques, increasing the demands on the quality finish required highly skilled workers. Educational institutions of vocational education continually replenish the multi-million army of builders, while a significant number of workers trained and increases its qualify directly for construction. The complexity of the finishing works for major repairs of residential buildings, which include plastering and painting work indoors, the device and repair of floors, repair and colored facades, remains the most high, extending the duration of repairs to buildings.

Much complexity finishing mainly caused by the following reasons: lots of wet processes for repair work, in particular for finishing walls and ceilings, woodwork, poor mechanization of wet processes and a low coefficient of utilization of mechanization at the sites of repair; release finished carpentry, concrete, reinforced concrete and other products manufacturing, repair and construction companies without sufficient surface finishing them, poor security means small dressers Mechanization: equipment, proper inventory, the various devices. According to the purpose for finishing work at major repair of buildings recommend choring is divided into three main Group: Machines for plastering work, including mortar and plaster, trowels. Machines and apparatus for applying paint formulations and fillers (guns, pistols, special units, etc.). Machines devices and finishing wood floors (parquet-planer, floor polishers and natirochnye machines, as well as the mosaic-polishing machines for finishing the stone floors of marble, mosaics, granite, concrete and other similar materials).

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