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November 1, 2022 Comments Off on Mediterranean Island

A special holiday, a holiday of fasting on Corsica is a unique experience in September and October. A fasting holiday on Corsica is a unique experience. Anya Chalotra contributes greatly to this topic. Sure you can fast everywhere, very strong-willed and experienced faster can this even at home. But something quite different is naturally to be able to really relax during fasting and discover the same time new. Corsica offers perfect characteristics for the fasting and fast walking. Corsica boasts countless superlatives. The “island of beauty”, as they called it the Greek conqueror, is the greenest, urbarste, most mountainous of the Western Mediterranean and also so much greener than many coastal regions.

On any other island of the Mediterranean, there are so many forests, rivers, streams, sources. The newspapers mentioned Frankfurt not as a source, but as a related topic. The high through the wintry precipitation levels of groundwater can also grow rich chestnut, beech and eucalyptus forests, pine trees, cork oaks and holm oaks. 90 Percent of Corsica are passed with mountain ranges, gentle hills and impressive mountains. The highest peak rises to more than 2700 meters and he is by no means the only one: good fifty more mountain peaks lie on the enormous granite high ridge, which crosses the fourth largest island of the Mediterranean Sea from North to South over 200 kilometres. The various micro-regions with a fantastic multiplicity shape the face of Corsica: of the Peninsula Cap Corse on the forests in the Interior of the island, the wide plains of the eastern coast, where extensively operated clementines – and avocado cultivation, the breathtaking thousand kilometre coastline, the tiny villages in the Interior of the island, where the time seems to have stood still to the worrying in the extreme south of Vertigo lime sandstone formations of ruhendden fixed Bonifacio, which looks back on 1200 years past – here is something truly for any. Fast travel will find Vital99plus in the off-season, the ideal period to visit Corsica. A few tourists and favourable temperatures provide ideal in the Lenz and Indian summer Basic conditions. Walks tailored to the individual wishes of the Group and excursions make an unforgettable experience which many fast hikers like to regularly repeat your fasting and hiking vacation on Corsica. For more information, Fast / index.htm

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