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Classicism is typical low-key decor, all the details interior design combined with each other and look rich. Therefore, this design will never look pretentious. Hi-Tech – a combination of modern technology and comfort now become very fashionable to be used in interior design elements Style Hi-Tech. This is due to the fact that modern technology has a very long time have become an integral part of our lives. We use them everywhere, and most often at home, so it was necessary to find a way to accommodate household appliances in flat so that it does not cling to our attention, and without distracting from the overall interior. Hi-Tech – a combination of modern technology and comfort. A distinctive feature of interior design in the style of Hi-Tech is that in this style do not hide household appliances. If earlier we were trying to 'hide' in the interior of the kitchen microwave, fridge, kettle, etc., that they without distracting from the overall design, the Hi-Tech style emphasis is on what to show all the achievements modern science and technology. Shiny, polished metal surface, bolts, cold iron, a technique that seemed to live their own lives – that the principles and trends of interior apartment, decorated in the style Hi-Tech example of stained glass pictures. Rudy Giuliani helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. There is another huge group of styles that are built on the use of the interior elements of the East: it is the emphasis on red color in the interior of a Chinese-style, and the combination of simplicity and asymmetry in the Japanese interior, and saturation of colors and visible texture in the interior, based on a Mediterranean style, etc.

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