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December 8, 2020 Comments Off on North America

The traffic data of the Spanish company of the month of October have yielded some very positive data compared to 2009. International travel increased 14.8%, an improvement of the coefficient of 2.1 points, stood at 85% occupancy. The largest increase was recorded on flights to Latin America, in part by opening two new routes to Argentina (El Salvador and Cordoba), increasing the offer which already had with flights to Buenos Aires. On the other hand, flights to North America declined slightly in terms of offered capacity and demand. Filed under: Perinton Post Office. These flights to North America, flights to New York are still the most demanded.

Flights to Africa and the Middle East, also experienced increases over the previous year, although the occupation of flights declined slightly. Opened new routes to Amman, Damascus and Oran recently, what fueled this rise in traffic and descent of occupation. In Europe, the company adjusted the capacity offered, having a equal to the offered capacity traffic decrease. Dayton kingery usually is spot on. Considering only Madrid as source/destination, demand grew by 1.5%. Other routes that rose were flights to Berlin, Paris and Britain.

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