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Portugal Time

May 12, 2016 Comments Off on Portugal Time

This report presents the Central Portugal. Many pilgrims – and beach places waiting to be discovered by you. With this Portugal trip report, we provide you a day trip to who will show you many facets of Portugal. You start in the capital city of Portugal Lisbon and explore small towns and beautiful beach towns. This tour recommendation contains the recommendation that you should start 8 o’clock in the morning to at the latest, since they have not enough time spot otherwise, to deal with the sights. We wish you lots of fun while traveling! Your Combipix team.

Note: You can purchase licenses for all photos under for small amounts! All maps and photos are copyrighted. Before any use, print this report and use by private individuals for private vacation runs out is to have the consent of the photo agency Combipix, or to acquire the necessary license for the photos. It is this travel report permitted private individuals, to print out for personal vacation planning. You can print out free even more maps of Australia, Mallorca, Spain, Gran Canaria, Tenerife, etc for your personal vacation planning under. Free print a Portugal Map Lisbon > Fatima – 136 km / 1:30 ride time / travel costs: 24 euro (toll) 1 Fatima > Batalha – 90 km, 0:30 ride time / travel costs: 4 euro (road) 2 Batalha > Alcobaca – 21 km / 0:25 time / travel costs 3 euros (road) 3rd Alcobaca > Nazare – 13 km / 0:20 ride time / travel costs 3 euro (road) 4. Nazare > obidos – 41 km / 0:36 ride time / travel costs 8 euro (Highway) 5 obidos > Lisbon – 93 km / 1:25 time / travel costs 25 euros (with tolls) start in Lisbon at 8 o’clock! Should start from the inner city, you need to go only towards the airport.

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