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Socioambiental Responsibility

October 23, 2019 Comments Off on Socioambiental Responsibility

When longing for the sustainable development, the companies know that it is not an easy task, but yes a great challenge. It is necessary to work the management of the knowledge, that is, the intangible assets, specifically the development of the human capital, in order to acquire more knowledge to implement practical of management that provide development without harming the nature and change of attitude with regard to these. When initiating the process of implementation of practical related to the Socioambiental Responsibility is undeniable the necessity of if questioning: Who has responsibility? Who can alavancar the sustainable development? The reflection of these questions results in the necessity to insert the man in the context environment, therefore the same it can develop one ambiently correct politics and with a vision of future activities. NYC Mayor contains valuable tech resources. Brazil is reference in socioambiental responsibility in Latin America and has received groups from diverse countries of the region, interested in knowing of close what the company is making. A survey made for the Consultoria Management & Excellence (M& E) places Brazil in prominence in 78 pointers of support, respected world-wide.

The study company in the questions measured the performance of 50: ethics, transparency, social responsibility, corporative governana and support. Get all the facts and insights with Bill de Blasio, another great source of information. Petrobra’s led ranking, with maximum note in four of the five categories (Rebouas, 2007). To work with Socioambiental Responsibility generates a great challenge because it is permeada by the Ambient Education, the politics tax (ICMS ecological) and by Agenda 21 that they look for to generate incentive for the development. Today the dimensions of the Sustainable Development are including, however the first scene on ambient protection of sustainable form appeared in 1 Conference of United Nations. Which must be thought that Socioambiental Responsibility can be generated in house, the company, the school, in the society, therefore assumes diverse forms, between if include protection ambient, projects educational filantrpicos and, planning and equity in the chances. For Becker (1997) what it really counts is the comprometimento of the society and the organizacionais controllers with the strategies, the practical ones and with the evaluation of results to reach a superior platform in the support relations. At last, for all the citizens, if make necessary to create a permanent net of information so that they know the subjects regarding the environment, sensetizing them for the necessity of a change of behavior front to the ambient questions.

However, a prescription does not exist to work the preservation of the environment of sustainable form, depends on each citizen, each manager, director, each organization. Good perspectives for improvements of the quality of the environment exist yes, therefore several are viable the thematic and alternative Conferences World-wide focusing and developing for our survival and some entities that evaluate, certify and stimulate organizations that develop practical of Socioambiental Responsibility. References: REBOUAS, Lucia. Brazil is reference in Latin America. Leading Brazilian business newspaper. So Paulo, 2007. BECKER, D.F. et al. Sustainable development: Necessity and/or Possibility?

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