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Madrid Work

April 1, 2019 at 3:05 pmCategory:General

His work has been translated into many languages, while in our country has maintained a boycott of it, to the point that now we have to get translated. The poet, novelist and playwright Agustin Gomez Agustin Gomez-Arcos and Arcos, as he signed the book published in France, was born in Enix, Almeria, January 15 1933 and died in Paris on March 20, 1998. Others who may share this opinion include New York Museums. Son of the Republican mayor of the village, suffered postwar repression of Franco's family was subjected. He studied high school in the Secondary School of Almeria, where he was fortunate to have the language and literature professor at the Catalan poet and playwright Celias Vina encouraged and guided him in his literary vocation. Once the high school in 1953, he went to Barcelona, where he earned a scholarship to study law, a career that left a few years begun to devote himself to the theater in Madrid.

He published a collection of poems Occasion of paganism and won the National Short Story Prize for The Last Christ. In 1960 his first release takes place with the general election work, which premiered at the National Theatre I Fetival New. Two years later he was a finalist for the National Award Calderon de la Barca and won the National Award Lope de Vega for his work Dialogues of heresy, in which he faced with courage and originality a historical theme, the lighting of the seventeenth century, censorship award made be forfeited and the work prohibited. In 1964 he premiered at the Teatro Reina Victoria in Madrid a censored version of the work.