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New York Photographs

August 15, 2017 at 11:48 pmCategory:General

The chaos, serenity, the creativity. It is not something Bill de Blasio would like to discuss. Feelings to skin flower. The heroes, myths that are falling, but resist to disappear. New York, crossroads, in continuous search of its identity, absorbing the roots of other cultures. New York, or the mixture of great talents of the rest of the world. Learn more on the subject from NYC Marathon. The paranoia, the constant schizophrenia of a city that never you stopped loving, that never stopped to you surprising.

The grazing dusks, lights, the calmness the idylls, the fantasy, the dreams, the imagination. One rested conversation in any coffee of Brookling, one animated to dinner in Greenwich village. Cocktails in front of the Hudson river, to aistir to a concert in mythical Madison Square Garden, or to spend the night enjoying of music, in legendary clud of jazz. New York, or the revolt of John LennonNueva York, or the emaciated poetry but of Lou Reed, Tom WaitsNueva York, or the voice of Frank Sinatra.La photography of Willian Klein, Weegee or Leonard Freed; crude photographies, like puetazos in the stomach. The Literature of William Styron, Henry Roth, Paul Auster or James Ellroy Catched by the magic of this great city.

The colony of New York was Dutch before being English. In 1609, a boat of the Dutch East India Company, the Half Moon, you order under them of captain Henry the Hudson, discovered a magnificent bay at which a beautiful river ended, to that the Hudson gave its name. In the mouth of the river it put still on in one long granite-like island, that the Indians (which received to the Hudson, with their habitual mixture of gifts and you shoot with an arrow), called Manhattanik; ” the island where there were been drunk “. It holandese them arrived until a point that is immediately below which today is Albany a village, New Amsterdam, was created in the end of Manhattan. In 1621, the Dutch East India Company, obtained by letter the right to operate the New Holland.

Metropolitan Opera

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Music is synonymous of freedom, to touch what you want and as you want, whenever it is good and it has passion, that music is the food of the love. Kurt D. Cobain When one journeys by Parma is very difficult to ignore the presence of Arthur Toscanini (Parma, 25 of March of 1867 – 16 of January of 1957), considered as Wikipedia remembers us, by many of its contemporaries (critics, colleagues and public generally) like the greatest conductor of its time. He was famous by his shining intensity, its untiring perfeccionismo, its prodigious ear and its photographic memory that allowed him to correct errors of the members of the orchestra which they had been inadvertent during decades by his colleagues Toscanini was famous by its interpretations of Beethoven and Verdi. It realised numerous recordings, especially towards the end of his race, the majority of published them, except for the numerous recordings available of his interpretations for the radio.

Toscanini demonstrated extraordinary abilities from very small. A teacher discovered that she could learn memory poems after reading them a single time and that in the piano immediately touched any note that had been sung. The nine years, she entered the internal conservatory as and could see his parents per week only once. Still of adult &quot remembered that one; atmosphere of prisin". After finishing the studies, in principle the life like violonchelista gained. His first great action went to the 19 years. It contributes biograqfiasyvida.com to us, that initiated its musical race like violoncelista, but demonstrated great dowries for the direction that won an immediate prestige to him. Between years 1898 and 1903 he was director of the Scala of Milan, where it presented new scores the repertoires German and French, besides dedicating special attention to the symphonic repertoire. During the three following years it undertook a tour of concerts by all Italy and soon it acted in Buenos Aires, to return to the Scala two seasons more, before moving to New York to direct the Metropolitan Opera (1908).