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George Bernard Shaw

November 23, 2014 at 11:35 amCategory:General

Was it possible to live with it – we are mothers and fathers, grandmothers and grandfathers? My heart refuses to recognize such statistics, riots, resists. More recently, reflecting on the differences between Eastern and Western medicine and Eastern medicine about the features, I have argued that Western medicine has exhausted itself, and can not deal with such "diseases of the century", such as hypertension, diabetes diabetes, cancer, osteoporosis. Now I hasten to remark: we do not in any way we want to contrast East and West, something to belittle the significance of our medical treatment to replace prevention. That and the Chinese health recipes, which are widely represented in my Inetmage a part come to us through the millennia, are often achievement in science and high technology, not cure, and restore the body, nourish it. Liver, kidney, all cells in our body. Because many health problems arise precisely from a lack of supply.

But if people are already seriously ill, and brought himself to the fact that help can only drastic measures, the treatment he needs to go not in office "", but still a doctor in the hospital. A physician, surgeon, gynecologist, oncologist. We only offer to help make treatment more effective, to remove the side effects of drugs, to support the immune system. No Our project is designed not to patients, and the people who have not yet brought himself to the operating table, to the necessity of taking strong antibiotics or hormones. After which a person enters into a vicious circle of dependence on other chemicals.

We expect to collect under the roof of our Inetmaga people who consider themselves relatively healthy (as claimed by doctors themselves, we do not have healthy people, there nedoobsledovannye), and even people with any abnormalities, but are willing to take responsibility for the state of the organism itself. That's what we've got everything. Products are world class. Accumulated over thousands of years of compounding, medical research, computer diagnostics. But the main thing is not even so much the responsibility, as in the results. How would it podohodchivee say? You see, a person moves, and gradually gets used to a completely different quality of life. When you himself unable to control his body. When you know what, how to help yourself and your loved ones in any given situation. When morning rose, and you have no pain. And it does not mean that you died, wrote

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