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Philosophical Reflections

June 26, 2018 at 10:41 amCategory:General

"WE are all HIS" life of any person at all times it is – an endless race for something unusual is necessary in view of himself, one needs the wealth to other opportunities to realize themselves in something that someone needed spiritual peace. In the end, sooner or later, people come or not come to their goals, gain some peace, some do not say – if you leave a room of two people forever, then they either find something in common and begin to interaction, or will kill each other. All of humanity – just a collection of individuals united by common goals, or not For all normal people it is – What is it That is embedded in the concept of normal man Normal person in my view, this is a personality which has as a basis formed and stable principles, views and perspectives on life similar to mine, as well as a system of values, a Person coming and existing under the rule of law, morality and ethics, with specific guidance in life precisely because it realizes that it is necessary to balance the existence of social controls. Also a normal person should have some level of desire for knowledge, curiosity, have all the developed. The identity of a normal person should be based on science, culture, religion, creativity, expression and adequacy of the perception of the world, on a comprehensive analysis and understanding of the actions or inaction of the other subjects of life, that's from my point of view a normal person. .

Federal Law

September 21, 2016 at 4:33 amCategory:General

Representation of cadastral passports specified land is not required if: the ownership of the said land area previously registered in the order of “dacha amnesty” specified land intended for the conduct of suburban agriculture or horticulture, and if present the conclusion of the Board appropriate horticultural or suburban non-profit association, confirming that created or newly created object of immovable property situated within the boundaries of this land for the construction, reconstruction corresponding generated or created a real estate object is not required under the law for building permits requested land intended for personal part-time farms, and if present the conclusion of the local self-government of villages or urban district, stating that created or newly created object of immovable property situated in within the boundaries of this land 4) a document confirming payment of the fee should be noted that the

Law on “dacha amnesty” unjustly turned his attention to the possibility of legalization of unauthorized buildings, constructed on land designated for gardening, personal farms (on the field plots) and for the peasant (farmer’s) economy. In accordance with Art. 1 of the Federal Law “On gardening, horticulture and suburban non-profit associations of citizens’ garden plots can be provided (sold) with the right of non-capital construction of residential buildings and commercial buildings and , . Based on the analysis of Section 3, Article. Details can be found by clicking New York museums or emailing the administrator. 4 of the Federal Law “On personal subsidiary farming, in field plots allowed the construction of buildings. According to Section 2, Art. 11 of the Federal Law “On Peasant (farmer) facilities” for the construction of buildings, structures and facilities necessary for the implementation of the farm economy, can be provided to acquire land from agricultural lands and lands of other categories. Anton Ivankov article may be freely posted on other Internet resources only when provided that attribution and a link to the source:..