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Motivation For Youth

December 18, 2017 at 9:26 pmCategory:General

Liking God or others? This is a theme so common today, where is real truth that we can not serve two masters, because always one is going to want what the other wants. (Lucas 16.13) Before you begin, we need to understand is not bad pleasing others, rather than the Bible teaches in Romans 12: 18 if it is possible, as soon as it depends on you, be at peace with all men. To be at peace I have to fall well into the agent clearly is. The issue is that many times as seen in the video for the Pink Panther Come on in, the water is pink; We sometimes exaggerate, and do anything, without assessing the purpose, in order to please others, so drop him well to people, or winning admiration from others. Galatians 1.10: Therefore I would now seek the favor of men, or of God? Or I try to please men? Because if you still please the men, it would not be servant of Christ which contrast bigger! Why is it then that costs us both to appreciate the pleasure of God and searching more than men? We think it is unreal it is more tangible and quickly the words from other all seek to be part of a group.

It does feel better as people. The key is to be surrendered to God. Because the only servant cares what saith the Lord, what ordered you others not realize, pro that the only due service to his Lord. We are literally slaves of the world when we want everything that tells the world that we should have to be accepted in this same world. Or when we seek to do whatever to make a girl give us approval. information.

Or when we are willing to make jokes that hurt others just for all others laugh and we praise. Or when we are willing to fail when our friends to get a little more fame in some other social circle. Another situation is when and we try to use God as an excuse to gain the approval of others as the Pharisees did in Lucas 11.43. That ridiculous that they think to be so Holy that they are worthy of respect and admiration. Analyzes tonight: why you do what you do? And this is going to lead to decide who are going to look for someone in your life. If you are looking for the pleasure of men this will you away from God. And find pleasing is going to move away from many people are going to choose? Motivation for youth sermons for youth