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The Rich

July 9, 2018 at 1:18 pmCategory:General

Well, certainly until we are able to recognize each one in its place, as the song of Serrat. The poor return back to their poverty and the rich return to their wealth. For more specific information, check out NYC Marathon. This means to show the face of society from poverty worthy of which is recognized as such, from sporadic or hidden poverty, middle class social climber or sometimes ashamed of having to appear and a rich social class, who is ashamed of being, as if the source of their money or have it be a sin. Y or add a fourth leg to the table Veliz and social self-consciousness. Is to recognize our place and do not appear to be more rich and the poor or class half and seems to be poorer, as with the rich. The austerity is the manner in which the rich in Chile to hide his fortune, but if it is a virtue, only recognized as such when the practice who consequently do not as a social disguise .- R ecognizing as such and fill with responsibility for the space within society and the establishment is a fundamental condition for achieving development desired by all. Poor people who expect welfare of the wealth of reach, not handouts from the state or the upper class, but with steady work, decent, and recognized. The rich man who refuses to assume its role as such is not recognized as an economic agent (the capital) is not fulfilling its responsibility in this marathon to development.

Those who hide under the eaves of austerity and do it to hide their wealth, say a priest is hiding from her own sins, Leo XIII is required reading for them because they are assigned a role more than dominant in the power of wealth and social security. The poor must be protected both as the rich, the former because they are able to address inequality in society (lack of education, opportunities, decent work, fair wages unjust inheritance of family breakdown), but opening their eyes on the mental attitude against poverty, which can be a warm bath that seduces you to live under that state of condition, which shields states, gives you security, not entrepreneurship. The mental attitude of human beings face the difficulties, it is sometimes the greatest show of our poverty. The same goes for the rich, the mental attitude against the hapless, the paradigm of lazy, it does remain inert to trigger changes that occur to play their role as social entrepreneur and leader Development .- E s in this game to get honest socially where we glimpse the leveraging of social change, leading us to develop rapidly. It is the State who is responsible for income redistribution through social protection or differential taxes, that’s just an adjustment absorb change, society is responsible for this share, all of us in our just and true in this society because we share .-.