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Love Surpasses Limits

September 23, 2018 at 4:16 amCategory:General

One test of love. PlayArte Pictures. 2009 (U.S.A.) Nicholas David Rowland American Cassavetes cineasta been born in 1959, in the city of New York, director of the film ‘ ‘ One proves of amor’ ‘ , which published as central subject of the film: drama and familiar conflict. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from NYC Mayor. Also it participated of other international films as ‘ ‘ Apario’ ‘ , ‘ ‘ The Daily one of one paixo’ ‘ , ‘ ‘ Great assalto’ ‘ many others. When it completed two years of Kate age presented symptoms of some illness which its parents Sara and Brian were unaware of. After that, they had taken the son to the doctor and the results of the examinations had disclosed to be acute leukemia, changedding itself into a familiar conflict. After some attempts, the picture of Kate presented problematic symptoms daily.

From this the doctor considered one ‘ ‘ fertilizao in vitro’ ‘ , with the idea of a baby test tube to help in the treatment, really this happened. Anna was born, and submitted it some surgeries and transfusions to collaborate in the recovery of the sister, and had an infantile conscience, that it was for the good of its family. Anna when it completed eleven years, was in search of its proper rights, therefore it wants to decide alone what to make with its body, nor that it has that to fight therefore in justice being demanded a medical emancipation. Sara is horrified with the legal action, and as it was accustomed to gain all the cases when it exerted law, it decides the cost all to keep alive Kate. Had to this, nobody gave account that the situation was based on the decision of the proper Kate, that was ready to leave, and to leave that its family continued living normally, following its proper route. thus was concluded, Kate did not resist the illness and after some time the Jesse brother it is if forming in the academy of arts, Sara came back to exert its profession as lawyer, Brian if it retired, but it supports problematic young and Anna, with the infinite souvenir of its beloved sister, which never will forget, after all was for Kate that Anna exists. A test of love is, without a doubt, one film that fulfills its proposal, that is to present a emotive tram, making with that we must reflect.

The subjects of the film are extremely controversial and deep, mainly the generation of child with the only intention to serve of donation, this is chocking and more disappointing still it is to see as history prevents to argue the subject, leaving only the central subject that is the interminable illness of Kate. After all, it is just to conceive a child with the only intention to save another one? Not, it is not just, but unhappyly the film is not worried very in showing this question. But on the other hand, it counts on a history that at the same time is pretty and sad, passing the gorgeous lesson of acceptance of the death, and finally we must agree that Nick Cassavetes made a film with the only intention to move. Resenhado for Leticia Mariane de Brito Brando.

The Formation

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… ' ' The human being is, in the way where vive' ' , a system individual? half that one consists all in one indissocivel one. In this direction, ' ' no man independently lives, thinks, feels or judges of the social group the one that pertence' ' (Oak, 1979:15). Simultaneously no social group has independent life of the individuals that constitute. From this interactive dynamics it is understood that, by means of a participativa performance in its context, the person, at the same time, contributes in such a way for the construction of this context as for its proper personal development, as human being and citizen. (p.60- 61). …

The democratic participation promotes the overcoming of the simple necessity of association human being, who can be guided by an individualistic and opportunist direction, by means of distortion or incompletude of the formation human being for a necessity of integration of the human being for a necessity of integration of the human being in the society, of if feeling part of it and for responsible it, to harmonize and to co-ordinate efforts of the group, with purpose to carry through a more effective work, contributing for the good of all. (P. 61). 2.3.4. The participation implies a global vision of the social process … the participation is a principle to permear all the segments, spaces and moments of the pertaining to school life and the processes of the education system, in accordance with the democratic, orienting postulates of the joint construction.

… (p.62) the participation, therefore, is not privileges, or idiosyncrasy of definitive groups, and yes general condition, characterized for the express reciprocity in all the segments, meandros and moments of the interactions in the social unit, either of the system of education, either in the school, either between system and school. Consisting it reciprocity in inherent condition to the participation process, is estimated, therefore, as a component element of the organized social life of the social unit, that, at the same time, is confrontation and process key of challenges.