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July 14, 2016 at 3:33 pmCategory:General

Private consumers prefer pellets the best quality and price of grain is the highest and most attractive manufacturers. This type of grain is also called 'grains of the first class. " Pellets of lower quality are often called 'industrial pellets'. They may contain small amounts of bark (and sometimes up to 10% of the cortex, although the crust in Granules generally undesirable). The cost of 'industrial pellets' are much lower, and manufacturers tend to prefer the pellets' beads of the first class. " Industrial granules contribute to some extent the development of slag after combustion. Slags are not acceptable to the granules of class I, as they inevitably interfere with the combustion process. All types of fuel left 'ashes', which is a small amount of various metals and other substances.

Slags arise when certain types of metal melted and shaped stones. At the present time in different parts of the world, studies and experiments on how the raw materials of poorer quality (Producing slag) can be used for industrial purposes. Some obvious advantages of using compressed biofuels – burning in the boiler furnace is more efficient – when burning pellets / briquettes do not have a negative impact on the environment – the exhaust gases have a high pH-level, and therefore, there is a 'healing' effect, against the harmful effects of burning fossil fuels – in storage granules and briquettes do not cause allergic reactions – the production of pellets and briquettes of sawdust volume is greatly reduced – the production of pellets and briquettes should increase, so As the European Union has decided that for 2010 12% of energy should be derived from renewable fuels. Features and additional capabilities when using pellets, except for all the above advantages of pressed biofuels are the following: – the supply of fuel to the burner of the boiler can be easily made automatic – pellets can be used in small power plants for heating private houses and in average power boiler for heating offices, schools, etc., as well as a more powerful boiler – pellets used in Europe in the boilers of combined heat and power CHP to generate heat and electrical installations in medium and large capacity – pellet burners can be easily installed on boilers instead of waste burners for liquid fuel while maintaining high levels of automation – reduces costs transportation in many regions (their own, domestic fuel), unlike coal or oil – reducing moisture to 10 – 12% reduction in weight of the finished product, which affects the cost of transportation – uniformity and flowability Fuel can be used to fuel trucks for transportation of the tank – the ability to use simpler and more efficient combustion systems, furnace fuel can be stored for long periods without the risk of his decomposition – the power generated energy in a five times higher than in untreated wood on the basis of the trend to increased interest in new energy technologies, the availability of existing demand of pellets in the West, a real lack of competition manufacturers upgraded fuel products on the Russian market, the availability of inexhaustible resources of raw materials, allows us to conclude that organization in Russia the production of fuel briquettes and pellets is timely and relevant..