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The Fifth Venezuelan Republic

February 6, 2019 Comments Off on The Fifth Venezuelan Republic

She is an car-organization of the system. If the conditions are the propitious ones for the global reorganization of the system, it is in front of a process of cultural revolution, which implies a rearrangement of the social field, political, economic and paradigmatic and even ecological. It is what is called the negentrpica phase of the system and that is the moment when Chvez becomes dominant or is in center of the system. It is a period of limitless creation of the fantasies, where the bifurcations multiply, generating an enthusiasm atmosphere; one is, then, against a new sociopolitical reality. The structural place where the rising state develops is the psycho-social instance, the unconscious group, the one of the motor passions of the activation of the groups, of the psychic cohesionador of the system.

This instance is caught by the insurgent leadership of Chvez like a propitious field for spontaneous popular solidarity, an organizing dynamic space of energies and information, with a great capacity of cohesion of the human groups. The Fifth Venezuelan Republic, car organizes in local atractores of cycle limit. Atractores that exactly conquers the psychic capital gain of the population and that feeds back to the main atractor (Chvez), taking place centers and peripheries of dominion and control. In agreement with the modern postulates of social psychology, this psychic capital gain has a neurophysiological foundation, located in cerebral neurotransmitters that generate the satisfaction; the endorfina, the excitation; the dopamine and the union of oxitosina and vasopresina. " This satisfactory psychic capital gain and unificadora" – it maintains famous Brazilian psychologist Aroldo Rodrgues " it is translated semiticamente in the faith that the population deposits or has to the leaders with cycle limit or what he is the same, equips the institutionality with the authority, of legitimacy. " At the moment, Venezuela totally lives in a period on transition retrograde institutional partner, who passes inversely from a phase before present, Negentrpica not yet consolidated in its totality (the Bolivariana Revolution) towards a Controlentrpica stage that, in theory, would have to be consolidated, that is not other than the process of refundacin of the Republic that happened in 1999 to the approval via national Referendum of a new Constitution.

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