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January 1, 2020 Comments Off on The Firm

Production technology and changes in stages of production medicine and that from which the medicine is made, are described in the technological requirements. If you would like to know more then you should visit Danny Meyer. This remarkable document is part of a set of documents at registration of medicines by the state. If the firm has decided to significantly change the production technology of medicine, these changes must be supported by an authorization from the government regulatory bodies. Other the case that manufacturing practices require regular changes – changing hardware, changing suppliers of raw materials and run each time the supervisory authority for permission terribly inconvenient. So begins the firm to cheat, describe change as a minor in their documentation, and even suppress it altogether.

So, dear readers, room for fraud in this activity very much. Raw materials and components of a medication usually remedy consists of the treating substance (so-called active pharmaceutical ingredient) and various additives, forming a dosage form and helping to take the medicine. People such as David E Shaw would likely agree. Worldwide production of medicines and pharmaceutical raw materials tightly regulated. So to make any pharmaceutical substance in the backyard of the house is extremely difficult. Requires special equipment, a lot of permits, etc., so that the raw materials for pharmaceutical. industry is extremely expensive.

This leads to a desire to save the production of medicines. Two basic ways to save: – put in a medicine is less expensive ingredients, than to the technology – used in the manufacture of medicines cheap raw materials from those countries where the level of quality control of farm. ingredients easier, and, therefore, such material is cheaper.

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