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The Meeting

January 24, 2020 Comments Off on The Meeting

Under that is a check your clicks button where you can see who what looking at you and may want to be your friend. There are 3 flagged links to connect you your new messages, your friends requests to check who has asked to be your friend and a return to my locker link to take you back inside your locker. If you know of someone who is missing the excitement of Spacelocker, there is to invite more friends button. You can go to your loose page from the meeting place page, or directly from your locker by clicking on your profile icon. On your profiles/loose page you can access your messages, Add friends, tell your friends about your Elf, upload a few of your own pictures, see and add your networks and feeds, have a list of your spacelocker friends, decorate it with widgets, graphics, photographs, videos, or games and see who sent you a gift or posted a comment. And more things as. Or click on your spacelocker friend’s profiles and go to your friend’s locker page here you can see their profiles, what they have written about themselves, pictures they uploaded to their page, their networks and feeds or widgets, graphics, videos, photos, or games they have chosen to display.

Or you can send them a message, sticky, stikkmm, or gift, or post a widgets, graphics, photographs, videos, or games on their loose page from here. And don’t forget to out your gift check box on the lower locker shelf, and see if you received a free virtual gift. Meet me at my locker has many cool ways to interact with friends. The settings are developed so you want to make new friends fast and stay connected with old friends easy. It wants to be a perpetual reunion at the happiest space on earth! Spacelocker.com is not just a website; It is on evocative experience. Check it out!

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