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USD Minimum

January 26, 2020 Comments Off on USD Minimum

It is estimated that there will be a 50 basis point cut by the Federal Reserve, but surely the main thing will be the words he speaks Benanke. The stock market saw mixed results in the evening, which added some uncertainty regarding the direction of the greenback short term. Operating volumes were low, and several traders sold euros and pounds when they reached maximum. The euro hit the 100 MA in the 1.3738 area and then back slightly, but the pair was around 1.3700. Minimum recorded in Europe and 1.3628 in early New York, the pair remained at the 1.3650. According to New York Museums, who has experience with these questions. Stops were placed at 1.3650, so that those who were long smile. The LIBRA followed EURO lower, after the highest recorded in Asia in the 1.5327 and the 1.5201 minimum; stops were placed in the 1.5250. The UK CPI exceeded expectations and was enough to prompt the pair, which reached 1.5280 during the European session, however, after the pair reached 1.5240 early in New York.

USD / JPY was under pressure, stops were placed on 90.00 but then the pair reached 89.82. Today the pair may suffer high volatility, but even then reached 90.00. USD / CHF 1.1500 was maintained in the minimum in the maximum at 1.1538 and 1.1598, suggesting a two-way trade. The pair started in New York at 1.1550/60.

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