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Bird Flu

February 7, 2020 Comments Off on Bird Flu

Overview of events for the week of 17/03/2008 to 23/03/2008. In Moscow, killing birds and walk the streets of wild animals in the beginning of the week in many media outlets have been alarming reports of that, in the courtyard houses in Moscow were discovered 34 dead birds. Given the increased number of registered cases of bird flu in Asia, from Moscow suggested that the epidemic of the H5N1 virus has reached the capital of Russia.

However, information that the birds died from avian influenza virus was later disproved. Just do not correspond to reality, and the second version of bird deaths, according to which the taiga waxwings were killed by firearms. As later informed the department of wildlife and the environment of the capital, caused mass mortality of migratory birds in Moscow could become a window with a mirror coating, which disoriented birds in the air. Attention Muscovites last week, attracted not only killed in mysterious ways migratory birds, but also wild animals walking across the Russian capital. Or rather one animal – elk, which, as it turned out, was a female deer. In the news reported that on Wednesday at the south of Moscow wandered elk.

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