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Boniface VIII

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Causes of the Reformation The scientific and literary Renaissance mentality that led the individual European critics to doubt whether subjective or objective and the subjective and objective opinion against the teachings and practices of the Church. It was the process or confrontation vs. Humanism. Scholasticism which showed early signs of the fragility of the structure of medieval scholastic theology. The Renaissance was a comprehensive reassessment of all pre-established tenets of medievalism. The lack of a spiritual content in education and the presence of the Church. The form, the ceremony and the external sacramental rite prevails over the spiritual, the inner (vs. Integrity. Ceremonial and Dogma). The intervention of the press, new technological element of both the critical content disseminator of humanist thought and the Bible, the patristic and theological and ethical criteria spiritual reformers. The book becomes part of emancipation of consciences.The geographical and astronomical discoveries (America, Oceania, Columbus, Copernicus, Galileo, Kepler). The upward growth of the city and its intellectual component: The University. University will reform, and ongoing primary center of this revolutionary movement. The strengthening of the monarchies by the statements of absolute monarchy. This strengthening of European national monarchies consistently created a palpable friction between the two powers. The decline of the dogmatic postulates of church-Cluniac reform, and more specifically of the popes Gregory VII, Innocent III and Boniface VIII on the supreme power of the papacy. The corruption of the highest dome of the medieval hierarchical system since the early fourteenth century schism of Avignon and the West gave rise to theological expositions as those of John Tauler, William of Occam and Marcelo de Padua from a background antipapal . Surge councilist thesis.The growing European nationalist fervor that led to look with suspicion and rejection papal dominion over the different nations of the continent. Many monarchs were in the Reformation a way to strengthen the national state and its monarchical or imperial power. In northern Europe there were cases of countries like Switzerland, Sweden, etc., Where the Reformation was one of the most effective tools in the fight against Catholic countries Independista that dominated. The rapid decline of scholasticism and the revival of Augustinian theology with some characters renovators. Force becomes more reading and study of the theology of St. Augustine at the expense remarkable Thomistic theology. The pope repeated resistance to the implementation of a council to reform the Church.

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