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Meadow Beach

October 29, 2021 Comments Off on Meadow Beach

With the place of Norddeich, you can reach the beach area of the town of North. Norddeich is a very constructed dike for cycling or hiking tours available. A large part of the beach is “Meadow Beach”. The village of North may be reached by car, train, bus or plane. From the well-developed Harbour, ferries to the islands of Juist and Norderney drive very often. Combipix – photo tip: If you have a telephoto (zoom) lens, you should take pictures in good weather the afternoon sun from the dikes.

The Meadow Beach, many surfers on blue water, a deep blue sky and the islands of Juist and Norderney in the background represent a wonderful photo backdrop. 4 stage: North to Nessmersiel: this stage will lead you along often directly on the dike. But then again the beach and the lighthouse of Nessmersiel is worth a visit. The village of Nessmersiel has no historical city centre. It consists rather of many new buildings and a grocery store and restaurant right in the middle of the village. The featured in this area is the dike on the often hundreds of sheep graze, and the lighthouse. As a whole, you should stay but do not spend too much time in Nessmersiel, because with Neuharlingersiel, Dornumersiel, Bensersiel still true highlights of the tour are waiting for you. 5 stage: Nessmersiel, Dornumersiel according to: the drive from Nessmersiel after Dornumersiel will take you quickly behind him.

If you have enough time and nice weather, we recommend halfway towards Dornum, to the To see the water Castle. Like Nessmersiel, Dornumersiel holds no historic. But worth seeing is the dock with his fleet of boats and the beach, which is accessible only to paying visitors. 6th stage: Dornumersiel after Neuharlingersiel: get to Bensersiel halfway. The village itself has a large port, which rather reminds the visitor of an industrial port.

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