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Park Vicente Garci

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In its rooms all that with its history is exposed during the War of the Ten Years. The architectonic structure of this Memorial has like characteristic that, in its main room, is the track of the original floor, whereas the patio of the house, the exhibition halls and the multipurpose hall conserve the colonial architecture. The historical center has a system of interesting places. One of great interest is the Martiana Place, built in 1995 and that consists of two elements of interest: the face of Jose Mart and a solar clock. The same owns a pedestal in the form of star. In one of its ends the face of Jose Mart is located. Its face, of bronze, was carved by the famous Cuban sculptor Rita Longa. The set every year illuminates day 19 of May to 2:30 p.m., hour and date in which the Apostle in the combat of Two Rivers fell, in a year 1895.

As far as the solar clock, of horizontal type, it is located in the 76? 57? of meridian of Greenwich. In the same the stations of the year are marked and are registered 275 dates, from the birth until the death of Jose Mart, all tie with its life. Another important place is the Cultural Place, also located in the oldest zone of the city. In the same three columns have been constructed, those that represent the occasions in which the city during the Wars of Independence was set afire. The parks are also interesting. One of them is the Antonio Maceo, also, constructed in 1912, the one that tells on a dedicated obelisk the martyrs of Independence. The same underwent some transformations until 1930, nowadays conserving the aspect of that date. Other that must be visited is the Park Vicente Garci’a, constructed in 1915 and who has become in center of the city.

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