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Property For Sale: Self Is The Male/female

March 10, 2019 Comments Off on Property For Sale: Self Is The Male/female

If you would like to sell his property, not everybody needs to know where the safe is and the kids are asleep. You only footballer to come out if you know – who is the prospective buyer. Is always used. Real estate is an integral part of our nation’s wealth, because everyone needs a roof over their heads. With this basic need of housing should be handled so reputable and safe. Not hundreds of strangers must know where the kids are asleep and the safe is – just to a home to be able to sell successfully. This information is subject to data protection in any case. That’s why real estate seller should be careful, if they want to sell their house.

In particular the public presentation of the floor plans, Interior images with the exact address of the House, is noted not only by potential buyers of the. There are also zwielichte figures, which are other intentions. Usually are looking for potential buyers in certain regions and according to their personal purchase crucial criteria, a domicile. You will also then find it if not the house number and street address is immediately specified. Seriously interested buyer sign on such ads if the purchase price is in line with the market and the specified properties come close to their key buying criteria. This works on the real estate platform in whole Germany.

Sellers set their property by means of a short memorandum, without directly with KP to come out. Requests are forwarded to the respective seller directly via E-mail. The seller can then decide whether he would like to get in touch with this interested and he needs to come out when he found out of this, for example, who is the interested party and by which means he wants to achieve what only itself. Serious prospective buyers not only understand this discreet way of marketing, but are also happy, if only as few as needed – foreign persons have the internals of their new Domizi’s. This special service – self marketing – cost special real estate Heinz E.k.. first just the seller 119,-incl. VAT as a one-time set-up fee for a period of maximum 6 months. The seller about this platform successfully sold his house to a buyer who has been demonstrated to him by special real estate Heinz, is a success fee only 1.19% incl.VAT (instead of 3.57% each) in accordance with 652 BGB by the total purchase price due in each of the buyers and sellers. Respectable, safer and cheaper you can participate seems in the real estate market. Gluckauf imprint special real estate Heinz E.k.. engineering and real estate agency Willi Heinz Dipl. Wirtsch.-ing., Dipl.-ing. steel industry choice makers str. 51 51766 engelskirchen Tel. 02263 / 72244 fax. 02263 / 952780 trade register Cologne HRA 17225, approval authority according to 34 c GewO Oberbergischer circle:, responsible: Willi Heinz – good to know about these real estate platform you can sell also – discreet & safe – your property itself!! Traffic appraisal (market valuations), mold opinion, expert determination for courts and individuals! – specialty: interim engineering management, ECS bottleneck-focused vulnerability fix, marketing, coaching.

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