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Since then the conquering Spanish city prepared for the customs and still maintain colonial buildings like the Cathedral, the churches of San Francisco, Bethlehem and Recoleta, and the palaces and monuments. Location: Sierra northern Peru, on the border with Ecuador. Geography and Climate: The department of Cajamarca is characterized by light and pending a relatively low compared with the rest of the Peruvian Andes. The territory is made up of numerous valleys and gorges. AREQUIPA Known as the White City for its beautiful white walls of Silla, a volcanic rock, Arequipa lies at the foot of the volcanoes Misti and Pichu Pichu Chachani and snowy. In the heart of the city, declared Cultural Heritage by UNESCO in 2000, you can visit the temples and colonial mansions baroque style, and the Monastery of Santa Catalina, a Spanish city in miniature with its narrow streets and made of stone, beautiful squares and courtyards.Saband a Tiabaya and Ting in Campina, places to visit are necessary, and irresistible arequipenha kitchen is the perfect complement to the visit. Location: Costa and mountains (Andes) in southern Peru. Geography and Climate: Arequipa has a varied topography. It begins in the coastal desert and then climbs the Andes, reaching great altitude in snow Ampato Peaks (6288 m altitude) and Chachani (6075 meters), or volcanoes, like the Misti (5825 m altitude).In addition, Arequipa has two of the deepest canyons on earth: the Colca Canyon and Canyon Cotahuasi. CUSCO The city of Cusco, ancient capital of the Inca empire, was declared Cultural Heritage by UNESCO in 1983 and is undoubtedly one of the largest in the country. Its cobblestone streets are the Incan buildings as Koricancha and the Palace of Inca Roca, colonial buildings such as the Andean Baroque Cathedral and the Church of the Com ny and you can also visit the picturesque neighborhood of San Blas where are the workshops of the best artisans in the department. This magical city also boasts a lively nightlife with bars, restaurants and bars to suit all tastes. Location: Sierra (Andes) in southern Peru.

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