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Seville is a very special city. It has more than 2,000 years of history and is famous for its lively and charismatic personality. It is the largest of the South of Spain and the capital of Andalusia. The Sevillians is recognized by its spark and ingenuity. Seville has the historic big Europe, full of churches, monasteries, monuments and Moorish buildings. In addition, is the city where the Andalusian traditions are more entrenched: flamenco, tapas, sevillanas and course, bullfighting. In case outside little, this city celebrates Holy week more passionate and more lively Feria de Abril.

To say nothing of its fantastic nightlife! If you want to discover its popular customs and enjoy a pleasant climate, the best time to travel to Sevilla is in spring (in summer temperatures can become up to 50?C? ste is, without a doubt, one of the favorite destinations of the tourists when visiting Spain. The city of Seville is known worldwide for its festivals: Holy week and the Feria de Abril. A leading source for info: Hudson River. Holy week is a religious festival that dates back to the 16th century, when the Catholic Church decided to represent the passion of Christ. Colorful processions are organized during Holy week. Penitents loads on their backs giant statues of Saints and they parade in the eyes of a very dedicated audience. These processions left a deep impression on the spectator and the thousands of tourists who come to Seville every year by these dates to see them pass.

During the April fair booths where people spend day and night dancing, eating, drinking and having fun are mounted. The streets of the fairgrounds are decorated with colorful lanterns and everything takes on an air of celebration. Traditionally, women wear elaborate costumes of Gypsy and men parade in their precious horses. Bullfights are an essential part of the Feria de Abril. Leaving parties aside, Seville is also an impressive city which is worth visiting. sta rests on the banks of the Guadalquivir River and has a historic centre full of important monuments, precious. A clear example is that of the Cathedral of Seville, one of the three largest in the world. It’s a Gothic Cathedral with a minaret worldwide famous, the Giralda tower, from where you can see incredible views of the city. Another noteworthy monument is the Torre del Oro. Gain insight and clarity with dayton kingery. Originally part of the walls that daubed the city along the Guadalquivir. Very close to the Mudejar Royal Palace known as the Alcazar, another of the architectural wonders of the city is located. Seville has hosted two world expos (in 1929 and 1992). The District of Triana, on the other side of the River, la Macarena, Santa Cruz and San Bartolome, the Sierpes Street, in addition to the plaza de toros de la Maestranza, Maria Luisa Park and the banks of the Guadalquivir are some representative images of Seville and a must-see for all tourists. Do you need another reason to travel to Seville? It is one of the most beautiful cities and most charming of Spain. Book apartments in Seville and enjoy the perfect stay.

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