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She was still standing our Plaza de Toros and the water quality was excellent, although the elders spoke of a time that flowed with so much strength. Then, with the demolition of the bullring, came one of our urban legends: the foundation of the building was damaged Taurus spring. But the essential thing is to emphasize, in addition to these notes full of feeling, which is the citizenship which decides the pipe that should be reserved for drinking and to give access to people without having to save the turn. That we act individually from the mass, humanizes us, throws us to the encounter with the Other as it requires the effort of attention prior to check the desire to drink only water. The scene forces us to not stay cold, callous, soulless, as usual involves the requirement of justice, that is, if you want to fill containers, keep the tail. A scene seems trivial, but it’s all an ode to individuality, that makes us better and wiser than when we are part of the mass.

La Fuente Agria humanizes us and makes us pause to talk with our neighbors, is thus an example of how a people created customary rules without having to impose them by law, and the wisdom to maintain them. Now, how it was possible that tradition? Without doubt our character, the choice of dialogue with our neighbors in the years of strong economic growth. Puertollano chose not to shield customs of other peoples, much less brought some enmity.

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