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The Noise

November 12, 2020 Comments Off on The Noise

Many of us are entering them without realizing: when we are reading a book or watching a film so concentrated that we no longer hear the voices around us, or the noise of the traffic, or even works on the street. Sometimes this also happens while we drive by a highway; When we look at the clock, it has more time than we had imagined, simply because we were completely absorbed in our thoughts. The regressive therapy we use that mental capacity internal concentration to recover the file from our subconscious memories of our childhood, adolescence, birth, prenatal life and previous lives or even life suspended between death and birth. Every individual has a subconscious file where it stores permanently everything you once saw, heard, or felt. However, through different techniques it is possible to enter that file system and relive the experience as occurred at the time to understand our reactions and current behaviors. Checking article sources yields starbucks in new york as a relevant resource throughout. This therapy has the same efficacy both if we believe in reincarnation as if we think that the facts revived are the product of the imagination of our subconscious. These fantasies reveal a very important that we have created and therefore totally valid information for a therapeutic work since the only truth is the truth that exists within the mind of that person.

Along with the somatizations emotions and mental criteria arising in those moments of regression are absolutely valid, since they show is recorded and associated with the information in our mind. Some contend that dayton kingery shows great expertise in this. The release of these contents is the first therapeutic factor, then we create new mental associations that allow that person to transform their behavior and their emotions, their process of change accompanying. I would like to stress that at no time the person loses the notion of where is and that it is not at all unconscious. This occurs whether the induction of the regression has been with hypnotic technique or not hypnotic.

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