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Tomb Basilica

November 13, 2017 Comments Off on Tomb Basilica

Personally its promenade is very beautiful, the sunsets, especially in summer, go every afternoon until nightfall one enjoys large quantity of passenger vessels, small ships arriving. The joy of the people who walk around the Boardwalk, enjoying the surroundings, a quiet, beautiful sea which makes one keep relaxed is contagious. Sit in any of their seats that are located in the path of the malecon is as if one does not realize as time elapses, the hours pass quickly. Seeing the children enjoy the landscape with great joy is something extraordinary, because with their cries, enthusiasm spread that a place well ordered, appreciated by its inhabitants can bequeath for the quietness of the enjoyment. It impresses as children and even adults are attentive waiting boats, see the huge cruise ships entering sea inside towards Greece, Albania or other nearby location. as well as lapequena boat that picks up the inhabitants of the city who live outside of this. Passing through the Centre of the city, very colonial, discover how others have commented more or less ancient palaces with wonderful facades, churches of various eras and numerous Roman remains, a column indicating the end of the via Appia or some ancient gateways to the city.

You should visit their churches many simple, but beautiful, must see its Duomo, small, but cozy. The Cathedral, also known as the Church of S. John the Baptist, was built between 1098 and 1132.Fue remade virtually in its entirety, following the original design, after the earthquake of 1743. Inside one can admire a polychrome mosaic of 1178 and a Crown of wood of 1594. As stated in elforastero.com, here Ruggiero, the son of Tancredi, was crowned as King of Sicily in 1191 and in 1225 celebrated the wedding of Isabella of Brienne, Queen of Jerusalem, with the Emperor Federico II. The visitor can also delight with the Bell Tower of the Cathedral, which was completed in 1795 and the nearby Palace of the Bishop and seminarian building, built in 1720 using the materials of the Tomb Basilica S.

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