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Light, water and nutrients are essential for plant growth. Modern development in the area of a protected ground confirms that today, lighting technology plays a huge role in production efficiency of plants, vegetables and flowers. Parameters of the lighting system affect the quality indicators of seedling production, the timing of its distillation and the yield. For artificial lighting of plants in greenhouses economy of Russia is currently the most acceptable metal halide and high pressure sodium lamps, by which continues growing season of plants, improving control over their growth. Research study and practice of crop showed that the wavelengths of radiation high pressure sodium lamps, which are concentrated the greatest part of radiation energy, coincide with areas of maximum sensitivity of plants. For the basic processes of photosynthesis, plants use the entire visible range of light radiation, but in the blue and red spectral regions, their sensitivity decreases. The emission spectrum of sodium lamps do not contain harmful ultraviolet rays and the power of photosynthetically active part of the radiation is sufficient for normal growth and development of plants. High pressure sodium lamps are one of the most efficient light sources, because have a high luminous efficacy (140 lm / W) and the radiation efficiency (300 mW / W).

When growing svetokultury require high light levels and long cycle . Costs electricity for irradiation plants constitute a significant part of production costs and therefore the effectiveness of irradiation facilities is becoming an important economic factor. The main criteria of efficiency lighting technology is an effective source of light and the efficiency of the optical system. The most suitable light source for large scale crops are professional slr high pressure sodium lamps type DNZ-100, DNZ-150, DNZ-250, DNZ-400, DNZ-600. By a special rotating base that allows you to rotate the mirror bulb in the lamp axis and direct the light beam in the desired direction, mirrored sodium and metal halide lamps can be installed in the usual traditional lamps for sodium and metal halide lamps.

Reflector lamps represent an excellent combination of power light with a spectral range of high-performance, long life and an optical system with excellent light distribution, high stability of flux throughout its entire life. Advanced design of cap lamp mirror eliminates the case of violation of the electrical contact in the socket and lamp holder lead them out of order, occur in previously issued mirror lamps. Great contribution to the lighting efficiency of irradiation facilities makes the optical system reflector lamps, consisting of a highly mirrored surface deposited on the inside of the bulb. The optical system of the lamp, ensures high efficiency of the luminous flux of at least 95%. Due to the hermetic isolation from the environment, the absence of multiple reflections, the optical system does not lose the reflection properties and does not require additional cleaning with a life. Extremely long lifetime (up to 32 000 hours) and almost constant over time the value of the luminous flux made slr sodium lamps the most efficient gas-discharge lamps High pressure in covering greenhouses, which favors the development of plant, stimulates an increase in their volume and number of leaves, flowering and vegetative growth.

School Of Doctors

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In Depilhair all the doctors are enrolled in the School of Doctors. Depilhair this authorized by Health for the offered treatments, counted with an insurance of civil responsibility of 1.200.000 . Besides for professionalism DEPILHAIR it pleads for the continuous innovation like way to emphasize and to offer the best supply in the market. Our model of business, on the contrary that the competition, is not seasonal. Betting by the last technology laser allows us to also realise shaving treatments in summer. And in addition, to offer a great diversity of doctor-aesthetic treatments, allows to give to a customized service all the year us.

And this without a doubt is success guarantee. As warning the chain of aesthetic clinics medical puts the example to us of kindness of the Shaving Laser against the Fotodepilacin. LASER SHAVING: Only doctors: The laser is a medical aparatologa that always must be supervised by a doctor and applied by aids of fixed Aparatologa infirmary: The material does not move of the center and therefore the laser does not undergo abrupt blows Pulses of test: The aparatologa used in centers DEPILHAIR before emitting a firing in a client forces to calibrate, that is to say, it occurs pulses of test in itself, measuring that everything works correctly and in case something it fails, does not let work until service solves the technical it. Greater effectiveness: The laser works with more energy, reason why it secures a penetration of 4 mm In this way eliminates the pilar follicle and not only the hair is debilitated. Consequently many are needed less sessions. Well-taken care of skin: During the treatments, the skin must perfectly be cooled and be protected. The laser takes built-in system DCD (Dynamic Cooling Device) used in Depilhair which allows an optimal protection of the dermis, since it selectively cools the layers superiors of the skin with a pulverization of crigeno milliseconds before the pulsation of the laser.

Finishing Offices

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Considerable work is painting a very huge: paint protects the structure from rot, corrosion, provided the condition of health care, unnecessary absorption of water evaporation, giving the charming appearance. Require costly finishing work, they make up 30-35% of total labor costs at the site, with about 30% of these costs fall only on the implementation of the painter's works. Labor costs in implementation poslemontazhnyh painting operations are reduced, depending on their level of mechanization, industrialization, and the organization of the existence of a production base for the centralized production of these semis as dry mortar, putty, primer, pastes, emulsions, Colerne aqueous and nonaqueous compositions, complete supply of semi-finished products and materials Limit-picking cards for each building, the organization of production finishing, including painting, on a thread-cyclical method; use in the manufacture of paint works best equipment and technology implementation using the most efficient machines, tools and devices, as well as new materials that have a huge impact on the delivery time and quality work. At the present time in finishing the buildings along with modern painting materials are extensively used waterborne emulsion polymer paint – a polyvinyl acetate, styrene butadiene, acrylic, etc., artificial karboksimetiltsellyulozny glue (CMC), displacing animal and vegetable glues, putty of CML HPC, SVSH and so on, polymer paint for painting the facades in the winter and summer, and paint with liquid potash glass on the solutions of polymer resins and others. Almost twice reduced the complexity of coloring, application elektrokraskopultov instead of hand guns. Are widely used pneumatic paint sprayers for painting the facades, with which you can process up to 400-500 m2 / h.

Fehrer Seat Mounted Armrest

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High capacity in compact design for high load bar, versatile and cost-efficient: Fehrer introduces the new armrest SMA (seat mounted armrest) and thus sets a new benchmark. The Interior specialist F.S. Fehrer Automotive GmbH complements with the innovative armrest SMA (seat mounted armrest) be product portfolio in the business unit seat modules “and proves its innovative strength thereby. After 1,5jahriger development time, an armrest available, their Vorzuge in combination are unique in the market is the market with the SMA now. The challenge facing the Fehrer engineering specialists were confronted during the development was at the same time lightweight and Muscleman high capacity in compact design this simple formula. The main feature and also the problem for arms mounted directly at the Office: there is only one access point for the mounting on the seat.

In spite of the resulting long lever arm loading forces must in cars according to OEM specification at any point up to 100 kg be put away. In trucks, where the armrest is also often also used as guide, she must cope with load: 150 kg. The system itself should take not more than 1 kg on the scale. Fehrer has constructively mastered this task and developed a modular system that acts like a Muscleman despite compact and easily meets all specifications. Another advantage of Fehrer SMA is the high degree of design freedom that it allows developers to implement customer requirements flexibly. Modular construction minimizes development time and costs In the development process is the basis for the success and the acceptance of a product. The SMA is designed as a modular system, in which many components for universal use. No matter whether armrests for front or rear seats, or whether in some cases a rest, Rotary or button mechanism is to be used.

The modular construction principle reduces tool costs and shortens the development time dramatically. Only 6 months Fehrer required the request from the client to the final production. Simple Assembly of the innovative technology reduces costs at the final assembly. The connection point of the SMA is mounted at an early stage on the seat, the armrest itself can be later simply inserted without tools. You locked it independently in their axial locking. Thus, the Assembly is significantly simplified and economical. The market response to the Fehrer-SMA is consistently positive. Currently the system accompanied, for example, the passengers in the new SMART fortwo and 2012 new Ford Transit. In addition the Kitzinger indoor specialist located in further concrete discussions with various customers from the automotive industry and other industrial sectors. Finally, the new development for manufacturers such as buses or trains is an attractive solution. Press contact: F.S. Fehrer Automotive GmbH Heinrich-Fehrer-Strasse 1-3 97318 Kamel Belastingen Daniel Gandner