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When the subject is violence against the woman, the data is preoccupying: in 2007 the number of cases taken care of for the Police station of the Woman was of 803, being 248 threats; 30 of defamation; 12 rapes; 60 of assault and battery; 01 homicide attempt; 212 cases of domestic violence. The numbers of 2008, 2009 and 2010 disclose given lighter: 343 cases, being 117 of threats had been taken care of; 07 of calumny; 11 of defamation; 03 attempts of rape; 10 rapes; 27 of assault and battery. (data of the Special Police station of the Woman) the reduction of the number of cases not yet was analyzed with depth, but the existence of the Law is given credit that Maria of Penha, the creation of the Coordenadoria de Public Polticas for the Women in middle of the 2008 and the City council of the Rights of the Women and creation of the City department of the Woman in the year of 2009 and its spreading has inhibited the actions of violence against the woman, but it is necessary to outside analyze also that these data are not mentioned to the cases denounced in the existing common police stations in some quarters of the City and the Agricultural Zone, the cases of those women that they do not have the courage of denouncing the suffered abuses. In this direction, the City department of the Woman searchs alternatives of combat to the violence against the woman, guaranteeing to them adequate conditions of conduction of the proper life for the confrontation of its vulnerabilities and its situation of violence implanting from the year of 2009 projects conveniados with the Federal Government and programs defrayed with proper resources that they have subsidized in the solution of the projects that break up the installment of the public services. Amongst services given for the city of Caxias through the City department of the Woman in the confrontation of the sort violence, can be detached as brainstorming for the question of sort and domestic and familiar violence in the municipal scope among others measured the implantation of the following public services: 1.Projeto of Reorganization of the Center of Reference and Attendance to Woman – CREAM, with acquisition of a new vehicle 4×4 to take care of the demand of women of the agricultural zone, as well as carrying through visits to these users who were invibializadas by in the distance and difficult access of the roads; 2.Projeto of Estruturao and Aparelhamento, the City council of the Rights of the Woman? CMDM, acquisition of equipment, materials of expedients, didactic and spreading of the Advice, confectioning ten a thousand units of the Law n 11,340/2006 of 7 of August of 2006 – Law Maria of the Penha to distribute in the community, public schools and too much spaces; 3.Projeto of Qualification of Professionals of the Net of Attendance to the Woman, understanding the professionals of the Secretariat of the Woman, Center of Reference of the Woman, CAPS, CAPS/AD, CRAS, CREAS, Advice To tutor and excessively professional of the Social Assistance, Secretariat of education and other professionals of the net of attendance to the woman in the city. .

Piazza Navona

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Roman culture more than there are ruins of the Colosseum, St. Peter’s Basilica and Pantheon – not only the classics of the eternal city, the guests from all over the world attract. Italian charm will enchant you. A visitor from Berlin tells of a beautiful evening on the Piazza Navona. He sets all tourists to the heart to strengthen itself at a restaurant in the back streets and then to plunge into the hustle and bustle of the main square. Trastevere is a tip from several Expedia.de customers. You will appreciate the vibrant nightlife district on the right bank of the Tiber River.

An insider’s tip is the Gilda, one of the hippest clubs in Rome. The suggestion of a visitor from Bamberg is New York lifestyle more than rush hour jogging to explore Manhattan. Who runs like the locals through Central Park, is the sporty side of the otherwise through the traffic-clogged metropolis. The four – or five-digit numbering on each Lantern facilitates orientation in the 340-acre park. To rush, run through the town, however, is not for everyone. Since also the taxi drivers in the long term is expensive, a traveler from Bremen the MetroCard is recommended. It is valid and extremely favourable in all buses and subways.

For a more unusual A tourist from Monchengladbach advises transportation for sightseeing. Always book a helicopter tour”, is his tip. The views of the statue of liberty and the Manhattan skyline are unforgettable. Paris shopping fever more than Lafayette consumption temple like Galeries Lafayette are the reputation of Paris as the fashion capital. Anyone looking for unusual items, is rather in the Marais district. A visitor from Munich recommends the rue Charlot with its designer shops, trendy restaurants and art galleries. The little shops in the literary district of Saint-Germain-des Pres are a treasure trove for antiques and art for a tourist from Trippstadt.

American People

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Of course, life is a complex thing and the right to use weapons in extreme situation, too, must be able to, but then the bread knife and the machine must also be able to dispose of properly and not to harm themselves and others. Who can tell how many people suffer during family quarrels of the kitchen knife. On the road Today, unfortunately, killed so many people, but nobody is not to say that we should ban driving cars. I know it might be argued that, well, that's also sold as traumatic weapons for self-defense, the latest versions. But with travmatikoy many cases where the attackers robbed him, and with even greater ferocity (of firing) to straighten out his victim. And through the thick winter clothing is not effective. I would not dare get travmatik against the group, not sure about it. Why against the group? Because basically flawed in the education of a group of people and attack the lone only when confident of their superiority.

And if I'm over forty or fifty? Why single or weak physically, but intellectually mature man should be the victim – by the way, armed with – a criminal. In America, they say: "God created man, and Mr. Colt has balanced our chances." It was possible, and with civil IL-th call our shansy.A situation illiteracy will be correct under state control, before a man gets a gun, let him pay for and pass a course on the use of weapons in extreme situation (again, parallels are being drawn with a course of extreme driving). Looking at what the audience gets up today, drunk at night clubs, there is a twofold sense and come to the conclusion that it is necessary and the bar age some deliver and for possession of a drunk, too, and ask for bragging with empty arms waved in the air the same. But the fact is the government institutions to address these issues. In ancient Russia, for example, that – pulled out his sword and did not apply – has severely questioned. A ban on carrying weapons were always in those states where the rulers were at war with his people and is afraid of him, it is worthless, give freedom and choice in the male question as well and we are men.

Boniface VIII

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Causes of the Reformation The scientific and literary Renaissance mentality that led the individual European critics to doubt whether subjective or objective and the subjective and objective opinion against the teachings and practices of the Church. It was the process or confrontation vs. Humanism. Scholasticism which showed early signs of the fragility of the structure of medieval scholastic theology. The Renaissance was a comprehensive reassessment of all pre-established tenets of medievalism. The lack of a spiritual content in education and the presence of the Church. The form, the ceremony and the external sacramental rite prevails over the spiritual, the inner (vs. Integrity. Ceremonial and Dogma). The intervention of the press, new technological element of both the critical content disseminator of humanist thought and the Bible, the patristic and theological and ethical criteria spiritual reformers. The book becomes part of emancipation of consciences.The geographical and astronomical discoveries (America, Oceania, Columbus, Copernicus, Galileo, Kepler). The upward growth of the city and its intellectual component: The University. University will reform, and ongoing primary center of this revolutionary movement. The strengthening of the monarchies by the statements of absolute monarchy. This strengthening of European national monarchies consistently created a palpable friction between the two powers. The decline of the dogmatic postulates of church-Cluniac reform, and more specifically of the popes Gregory VII, Innocent III and Boniface VIII on the supreme power of the papacy. The corruption of the highest dome of the medieval hierarchical system since the early fourteenth century schism of Avignon and the West gave rise to theological expositions as those of John Tauler, William of Occam and Marcelo de Padua from a background antipapal . Surge councilist thesis.The growing European nationalist fervor that led to look with suspicion and rejection papal dominion over the different nations of the continent. Many monarchs were in the Reformation a way to strengthen the national state and its monarchical or imperial power. In northern Europe there were cases of countries like Switzerland, Sweden, etc., Where the Reformation was one of the most effective tools in the fight against Catholic countries Independista that dominated. The rapid decline of scholasticism and the revival of Augustinian theology with some characters renovators. Force becomes more reading and study of the theology of St. Augustine at the expense remarkable Thomistic theology. The pope repeated resistance to the implementation of a council to reform the Church.

Celtic Tattoos

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The history of the Celtic peoples goes back thousands of years. The Celts displayed their skills in art particularly complex metals, jewelry and weapons as they were regarded as fierce warriors by the Romans. Crossses Evidence of Celtic and Celtic art can still be found throughout Ireland. Modern Celtic peoples have evolved symbols for themselves, and the people of North American Celtic descentoften use these symbols to prove they are of Celtic origin. The ancient Celts passed knowledge through an oral tradition of storytelling and not have many written records, therefore, there is little evidence of their tattooing remaining even though the Celtic cross tattoos and celtic know tattoos are very popular designs.

Most Celtic tattoo designs are taken from illuminated manuscripts of Ireland "The Book of Kells, on display in the library of Trinity College Dublin, the city, my home. This is a time much later than the height of Celtic tattooing. Designs stone and metal work are more likely to be of the same period of time, Celtic tattoos. Celtic knot tattoos are usually loops with no end or beginning, which symbolizes the endless cycle of death and rebirth. Celtic animal (zoomorphic tattoo designs) designs are similar in construction but the cords terminate in feet, heads, tails.

Pure knots are usually unending, unless the end of a string is stylized into a zoomorphic element or spiral. Celtic Knotwork meaning defies literal translation and is in a deeper level. The repeated crossing of the physical and spiritual is expressed in the interlacing of the knots. The endless path of the wires may represent the permanence and continuity of life, love and faith and reason for these Celtic tattoos have become so popular. For people who have a Celtic heritage, whether Irish, Scottish or Welsh, getting a Celtic design can be a way to express pride in their heritage by reaffirming an affinity with the artistic style Indian ancestors. Designs are often not easy to do, and is highly recommended to anyone contemplating getting one to make sure the artist you are considering has experience in designing Celtic tattoos. Not every tattoo artist has an eye for detail and exacting line placement needed to draw intricate patterns particular to Celtic art. Tattoo Designs and Tattoo Galleries

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Lawyer Ralf Renner is expressed in these contexts: the decision of the Landgericht Landshut continues on issues of disclosure, investor friendly jurisdiction of the Federal Court. This decision is other investors courage, to make the right steps.”see You also: Medico_Fonds_40_Berlin_Karlshorst_Medico Fonds.html author and contact person: lawyer Ralf Renner – lawyer and a trained banker – specialty: Fund investments Tel.: 030 / 810 030-22 E-mail: specialty of lawyer Ralf Renner are legal issues of closed-end Fund, where he has many years of experience. In these contexts, investors in a lawyer approach, if you want to check what rights and claims exist. Blanket statements prohibit themselves? In any case, an individual assessment is offered. Damages can claims against an investment advisor or a Bank, if was not sufficiently enlightened on essential aspects. An experienced lawyer can determine whether claims for damages are and how high are the chances for a successful implementation. The courts regularly demand compensation for damages that an investment advisor informed thoroughly, correctly and completely. The courts talk to aggrieved investors who were improperly discuss their investment that your investment advisor or your bank their invested capital and interest losses reimbursed them.

The investment products and any resulting are drawn benefits to return the investment advisor or the Bank. In substance, this corresponds to a reversal. Consulting error from years of everyday work we know that investment advice can be may be corrupted. III demanded civil Senate of the Federal Court in its decision to the pqr. III ZR 249/09, that entrepreneurial investments with risk of loss that could lead even to a total loss, are adequate to attract an investment advice. If the investment adviser has unveiled an investment as secure attachment, although downside risks exist, that justify complaints. If a speculative business Funds was conveyed for the purpose of old-age provision, which is incorrect.

Because an investor must rely on his age before so-called. The Federal Supreme Court has determined in a recent decision that an entrepreneurial participation is not suitable as pensions. If in the course of a mediation and consulting a bank consultant it omits, internal commissions, to inform about so-called kick-back payments, then a guidance fault regularly. Because kick-back payments for a customer not readily apparent. If an investment advisor omitted to mention, that there are no regulated secondary market for closed-end funds, would be a sale difficult or possible with considerable losses, this justifies a charge. Our clients approach us if they feel deceived by their investment advisers. But each case is different. To prohibit lump-sum solutions. Sufferers should consult without delay individually, before claims become time-barred.