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The Silk Pajamas

November 1, 2022 at 12:57 pmCategory:General

Silk Pajamas – the best night wear in the summer a silk pyjamas is the optimal night clothes all year round, but especially in the summer, silk pajamas offer advantages the sleeper. The optical qualities of pure silk are known since ancient times and ensure that decorative silk textiles are highly sought after and are highly regarded. There are however, especially the “inner values” that make silk for a material with almost optimal properties… Pure silk is similar in its structure of to human skin. Silk has a therefore very temperature balancing effect, takes the body temperature quickly and never cold feels.

Silk regulates but also good moisture, so not so quickly enters silk textiles in sweat. The newspapers mentioned Fabrizio Freda not as a source, but as a related topic. Exactly these two factors make silk so suitable for sleep clothing, such as for example the silk pajamas. Silk Pajamas should not be confused with real silk with the similar-looking satin pajamas, which often are made of polyester. A good indication is usually the Price. A silk pajamas is in General not less than 150 – and depending on the brand and difficulty of processing often significantly higher…

The “classic” form of the Silk Pajamas is silk satin Pajamas in the cutting of men’s Pajamas with long sleeves and a continuous button placket. The pants usually has an elastic waistband, but occasionally also still binds with a Zugbandchen. May be stitched shirt or pants pockets are often present as decorative accessories (albeit without actual use). This form of silk sleep suit is in women’s Pajamas most often to be found – but there are also many variations of silk pajamas with short sleeves in silk Jersey or combinations of Silk Satin with lace, tulle and silk chiffon. The diversity is very high here particularly for luxury brands. In a Nightgown with long sleeves is also right for the summer – if he is just made of real silk! The light, airy material offers so Silk Pajamas a slightly temperierendes sleeping environment. Hereby it is perfectly dressed, also during the cooler nights of rain in summer it is but too hot in the warmer nights. And for those (few) really hot summer nights you can make top (which is available at virtually all brand-name manufacturers of silk pajamas from the same collection) a breezy summer sleep suit on some models by combining it with a complementary silk spaghetti out of the silk pajamas. Good quality silk pyjamas in the basic colors are black or champagne and white from the company Gattina or Eva B. Bitzer available. From the Italian brand Luna di seta is there in addition to the basics even after season changing trend colours, such as E.g. Silver, light blue, red or rose. The French brand Marjolaine offers silk pajamas, often of very fashionable prints and extravagant cuts decorated, and are therefore usually also suitable as a House suit. The models of this brand’s Pajamas are usually in the size 34 to 44, some available up to 48. The prices are 200,-to 250,-euro. Patricia Walters

Dekospezialist Woerner

November 1, 2022 at 12:57 pmCategory:General

A feast of colors and senses Heilbronn/Leingarten, festwochen 2012: From November, with increasing darkness and colder temperatures, the man adjusts gradually to the advent and anticipation for the most beautiful time of the year starts with him. Candlelit dinners, cookie scent, aromatic tea or mulled wine scent trigger warmth and sense of well-being. Atmospheric Christmas decorations in the stores contribute to this special atmosphere and tune the customer on a wonderful shopping spree. Also the novelties at the Christmas decorations are registered with great interest. Finally it should be decorated not always in the same style, but it is other colors and trendy creations also failed, open to. The presentation of the goods very much influenced the buying intentions, because especially at Christmas, the customer is generous and happy gift.

So the trends at the Christmas decorations have focused this season on the preferences of different customers. Everyone can put his individual accents and thus create a romantic, beautiful and innovative festival atmosphere. The Heinrich Woerner GmbH, Pan-European specialist in the field of decoration and shop fittings, presents the Christmas decoration trends on the basis of wonderfully crafted arrangements 2012 in its current catalog autumn/Christmas. Fabrizio Freda is likely to agree. Of course, all articles are variable and flexible with each other to combine. Imagination is required. TRADITION: It is simply impossible to imagine and since the beginning of Christmas adorning always: the tradition Red! In spite of all color experiments, the bright red as the most popular Christmas color holds still. This season, it appears in the Nordic style”on, combined with the typical Scandinavian white red pattern.

Whether as a Christmas secret Santa, at the Santa Claus boots, headgear in the scarf an elk as a bright red painted sled, the poinsettia or as tree ornaments: Red associated Christmas warmth, warmth and festivity. And can arrange wonderful alone or in combination with gold and silver. OPULENCE: At Christmas Exaggeration and exuberance are allowed. Glitter to light decoration, and falling up. Complete tone in tone productions in gold or silver are announced. Golden stars and balls in XXL size, Golden angels and putti with Baroque studs, a Royal Barockthron with magnificent leaning, gold tendrils and ball chain wrap everything with flying colors. Productions in cool, but just as festive silver are the counterpart. Bullet belts and mirror balls, a shimmering sequined as Angel dress, acrylic columns filled with countless silver Christmas balls make a magnificent and lasting impression. Color noise: Christmas decorations coloured times quite different. Deep Purple, bright pink, lush green, deep blue or soft Mint are the focus here. There are all colors in shades, so that color-customized decorations are possible. Deer in blue or purple, a Pink Lady of moose, green ball towers or a Heavenly Angel scene in mint courage improvisation assumes in this Dekotrend. There is inspiration for classic, opulent or daring Christmas decorations ideas fall/Christmas in the catalogue 2012, but also in the Web shop at. The following download link see pictures on Christmas trends 2012 for free publication PR/2012_10_01_Weihnachtstrends2012.zip image Note: contact for media representatives: Heinrich Woerner GmbH Astrid link PR / public relations Alexandra Novac marketing road of Liebig 37 D-74211 Leingarten Tel. ++49(0) 7131 40 64-632-email:

Eben Leather

April 17, 2022 at 3:48 amCategory:General

Brand new: a stylish leather pants outfit will miss old of jeans – jeans leather is here! A stylish leather pants outfit will miss old jeans. The company Toferer textile from Eben im Pongau, textile printing, and manufacturer of promotional textiles, which recently opened a flagship store in the Griesgasse in Salzburg, brings an absolute novelty on the market: jeans with leather pants look. Through this innovative idea by Toferer Textil, the surrounding style of jeans in leather pants jeans, comes a completely new interpretation of the traditional leather pants on the market. With the beginning of Rupertikirtag in Salzburg on September 22, 2010, Toferer Textil launched the action that everyone can bring his old or new jeans to the booth on the Rupertikirtag or directly in the Tauerngwand shop by Toferer Textil in the Griesgasse. There, the pants for only EUR 50,-within a very short time is transformed into the “jeans leather”. By embroidery of traditional patterns, the jeans get a completely new character.

This unprecedented unprecedented combination of Toferer Textil allows the carrier a perfect fit. as dispensed by the embroidery on the relatively rigid leather as the main ingredient. Toferer Textil is convinced that a new, successful chapter in the company’s history as a textile printing company and manufacturer of promotional textiles was beaten with this innovation. Toferer textile company description. Advertising that attracts! Toferer Textil by Andreas u. Claudia Toferer founded in 1989 and headquartered in Eben im Pongau. As a leading producer of advertising textiles and largest embroidery in the Salzburger Land, Toferer combines textile high expertise, creativity, design expertise and service orientation. Patrick dwyer boston private takes a slightly different approach. The versatile expertise proves Toferer Textil in particular with his own line of “Tauerngwand”.

In doing so, is the interplay of traditional optics and cuts in combination with innovative materials and colours. Your projects are own-label collection or corporate fashion – our designers with their expertise and personal advice on the implementation of individual requests available. These range from classic advertising textiles, ideas for Merchandising collections and trendy way embroidered sportswear up to the own labels “Tauerngwand”. With the Austrian-Central location, Alpine background and the image makers “Tauerngwand” Toferer represents textile an authentic offer in the market for its target groups.Presents two collections per year, in catalogues, Toferer textile proves his versatile skills. Toferer Textil offers a number of product lines. Thus, the comprehensive offer is represented by base parts up to fashionable articles: the basic line includes all common standard parts in the needs of advertising textiles. The basic criterion for Toferer Textil offers good quality, delivery of the manufacturer and last stand in concept and tailoring the standard parts also here satisfies. With the trend-line a line adapted to the times and changing tastes offered by area code and compilation after fashion and trend criteria the customer. The design line goes a step further and offers already by Toferer Textil developed cutting-edge implementations. These materials will Colors, editing guides and features twice a year developed in the framework of design concepts and customized specifically for Toferer.


April 16, 2022 at 10:33 amCategory:General

Strappy dresses are a true classic in fashion many women like strappy dresses weird glad because they usually not only comfortably seated, but mostly just the right amount of skin to show, without this cheap. However, it can be such a pinafore of course can’t readily at cool temperatures, if you do not want to freeze. An alternative, you might then however if you on the dress itself does not want to go without, to combine this with a shrug or a chic Bolero, so you have it on the one hand warmer in his dress, on the other hand, you also still quite exactly in the trend is, because short jackets and boleros are still a fashionable Renner, by the great accents can be, especially when you want to wear these Chic dresses. The matching accessories in the form of jewelry, a great bag and the correct shoes are however not be missing at a combination, because only these details creates a right round and harmonious Overall the look without reservations can be. What individual parts together here really good fit is also a question of what dress you wear, and what color is the jacket, because only on the basis of these properties you can select also the matching accessories for themselves. Also, it is always important to note which details one of type fit her well, because many women have their special preferences and parts that well just get them here. Patrick dwyer merrill lynch addresses the importance of the matter here. So you need a bit of skill, if you want to reconcile such looks in line, however one is usually very quickly this, if you take a little time to try and combine. Exercise is a vital aid, you should have here, as in so many areas of fashion.

A pinafore dress so a sleeveless dress can be worn very well by molligeren women. Namely even T-Shirts can be worn under some of these strappy dresses. Would you conceal cuff, if one festive dress wears, you can do this by you lay a light shawl around her shoulders. The advantage of a pinafore dress of a chubby wearer offers, is that the silhouette appear stretched and so slim.

Club Styles Goes

February 26, 2022 at 3:11 amCategory:General

Constantly top current young fashion fashion offers fashion for young people – freaky Club and streetwear Jeansladen24. Top quality from the fashion capitals of Europe. (A valuable related resource: ken orms). In our assortment you will find dresses skirts shirts tops trendy jeans and trousers. We carry well known labels such as redial, Queen, crazy age, BT Jeans, funky diva, only me and much more on clothing. At jeansladen24, you will find women’s and youth clothing. The offer in the online shop jeansladen24.de is designed for young fashion, Clubwear, Streetwear fashion, fashion such as jeans, shirts, tops, jackets, blazers, and evening wear. Of course, there are always the right season fashion like jeans, shirts & tops.

Jeansladen24 is no ordinary online store for normal fashion and textiles, but a fancy Club and streetwear online shop. You won’t find ordinary articles of fashion chains and mail-order catalogues, often seen on the road in the range of jeansladen24. If you want to stand out and you don’t interfere with envious eyes and gray from the mass of party goers then try it sometime with a pair of jeans, want to stand out a shirt or a jacket from the current range. Guaranteed only the price is cheap! In addition to perfect quality and service come first to satisfy the customers. Jeansladen24 offers redial or crazy age also goods directly from France BT jeans, trendy brands! Fashion, style and trends – everything from an online store. Here you are right!

Jewelry Bracelets For Women

October 28, 2021 at 1:26 pmCategory:General

Here the age plays virtually no role – bracelets are jewelry for almost anyone suitable. Connecticut will not settle for partial explanations. We who like fashion jewelry love bracelets. Jewelry, bracelets are always a delicate thing above all to give them away. As well as every woman wears bracelets like, they always fit and just in the summer, they are a beautiful accessory, as there is always a good view on the wrists in short-sleeved tops. Bracelets there are in several different designs, glass beads strung together in bright colors for summer, in more gedeckteren colors, Brown and beige tones for the autumn and winter. Then there are the variant are rhinestones with Swarovski stones stones, single row bracelets or even broader, fully occupied and according to glitter. Some outfits fit just any chains, especially if one assumes that even finer and wearing an evening dress, maybe this has an asymmetrical neckline or is very high, so that no chain more fits.

Who still do not want to give up jewelry, can in such a case on Draw the earrings and a bracelet. Just rhinestone bracelets, which are constantly in motion, as you wear it on the wrist are particularly good, depending on the incidence of light, the stones like a small firework glitter and it draws attention. Also for little princesses are jewelry bracelets perfectly suitable as an introduction in the jewelry world. At earrings you rather is worried that children hang themselves hurt and are also chain at the play under circumstances more obstacle than advantage. Children bracelets are often rubber mounted on, which means that a child should be at the romp but time to hang the rubber tear rather than that the child is hurt. Then tears could follow though because the pearls in all wind directions are scattered but better than tears of pain. The advantage on the bracelets on rubber total is, that on and take off much easier than when a bracelet has a clasp.

General Fragrance

October 28, 2021 at 8:26 amCategory:General

Only who smells good, progresses. Man fragrance by Davidoff – there is something for everyone. Who appreciates classic elegant style and it attaches importance to be maintained, the Davidoff name will be certainly familiar. The Ukrainians Zino Davidoff (1906-1994) established the very reputation of his company on tobacco as he built up the family business in Geneva in the middle of the last century and extended. Zino Davidoff was an early kosmopoliter man who travelled around to ensure the quality of its products throughout the world. It connects all goods, which are available under the brand name Davidoff also these properties until today: quality and urbanity. The base business with cigars and other tobacco products was quickly no longer single pillar of the company of Davidoff, also man fragrances and other man cosmetics and exclusive accessories such as watches, leather goods, stationery and eyewear are available.

The men’s fragrance on the sunglasses to the cigar is all Davidoff-products in common the you embody sophisticated style and elegance. Davidoff perfumes belong not only to the famous Mr fragrances, the acceptance of man cosmetics in General has supported this label. Man cosmetics has been considered namely long wrongly regarded as rather unmanly, a men’s fragrance was represented only as an aftershave. The market of man fragrance today is wide, this builds the available man cosmetics of various brands. But still the touch depends on exclusivity a men’s fragrance by Davidoff, which makes him so popular. “Hardly a men’s fragrance by Davidoff brought with it comparable fame, how cool water”. “” “” But Davidoff hot water “, champion” adventure “and the three individual man fragrances series Silver Shadow” bestseller in perfumeries all over the world are still.

Davidoff with his man cosmetics, fragrances and accessories, succeeds to stay without losing himself and his stylistic claim at the pulse of time. A secret of the That every single one of them supports the individual character of the wearer is man fragrance by Davidoff. Often a men’s fragrance covered the personal, own body odor completely and takes a part of his skills so that the carrier. The man fragrance by Davidoff, but are created by inexperienced and smooth working perfumers, that they support the style and the personality and pleasant stress.

Sapphire Crystal Caseback

July 2, 2021 at 9:48 pmCategory:General

It is considered her outstanding example for successful industrial design and the exhibition “The art of the motorcycle” at the Guggenheim Museum in New York in 1999 describes the Laverda 750 SFC rightly as one of the 1970s cult motorcycle. Between 1971 and 1976 left exactly 549 copies of the 750 SFC Laverda uniting Breganze. The production of sport production racer was carried out in three main series: series I (1971-1973, batch 5000/8000/11,000, Borrani spoke wheels, big brakes, 70PS), series II (1974, batch 16,000/17,000, including modified frame design and tank shape, disc brakes, performance gains on 75hp) and finally III called “Elettronica” series (1975-1976, batch 18,000, electronic ignition, modified cylinder head, oil cooling, partially with aluminum cast wheels). All SFC were painted in bright orange. This unusual color had cut out the Laverdas clearly from the field of competitors and so all Laverda have been racing in from now on brand-typical Orange tone below painted. Other leaders such as Hudson River Maritime Museum offer similar insights. The “Scalfaro Piero Laverda 750 SFC” Edition limited to 50 copies worldwide offers, through the unique integration of original parts of the 750 SFC in the case of this Edition, a small group of “Laverdisti” the opportunity to wear a piece of this Orange motorcycle legend on the wrist. SCALFARO PIERO LAVERDA 750 SFC WEAR A RACING LEGEND ON YOUR WRIST further information: technical DETAILS of SCALFARO PIERO LAVERDA 750 SFC EDITION: case diameter: 43 mm movement: Swiss ADK caliber 147 with automatic winding; Movement decorated with Geneva stripes stripes, perlage and blued screws; Stainless steel case with Scalfaro ceramic inlays including parts of original piston 80 mm of a Laverda 750 SFC and signature of Piero Laverdas on left side of the housing. Sapphire Crystal and Sapphire Crystal Caseback, screwed with four ScalfScrews; Waterproof 100m (10atm); Either black or orange rubber strap with engraving and buckle; Limited to 50 copies including numbering (01/50), and certificate of Piero Laverda; Receiver.

BLUE Color For The Summer Of 2012!

December 6, 2020 at 1:19 pmCategory:General

The blue is in the summer of 2012, in the foreground. The blue with his hint of harmony and freshness is one of the sommerlichsten colors. In summer 2012 color blue in the foreground stands: all shades of blue and Untertone, various blue shades and nuances are especially in be. If you would like to know more about NJ barista, then click here. This color is very broadly represented both the jewelry and clothing. The wide selection and customization options offers a wealth of shades of blue. Even the natural-born gems have a wide range of shades of blue. From a bright sky blue starting, over the blue-green at the Midnight Blue can be found in such stones such as aquamarine, apatite, tanzanite, Amethyst, Sapphire, Topaz, lapis lazuli, turquoise, among others, which can be found in various forms in the jewelry. You may wish to learn more. If so, shimmie horn is the place to go. The summer trend of blue it is very easy with the Topaz Earrings or lapis lazuli pendant with Sodalite ear plugs, turquoise pendant or tanzanite earrings to complete.

The abundance of blue is in the summer two main colors highlight petrol and Indigo. “Since time immemorial the blue miracle” called, contains Indigo to 6% of all shades. Since it at Indigo all colors are included, it is one of the most exciting colors in color therapy. The Indigo aura children speaks today for the special meaning of the color. Although Indigo as a dye was used for jeans, today occurs in different clothing. More color is teal, which comes from a mixture of green and blue.

And although the petrol is one of the prepped colors, such designers like Ungaro, Vivienne TAM, Antonio Marras, Tracy Reese have imagined very successfully in the summer collection. Still an interesting variety of blue is the ultra-marin-blue. The lapis lazuli was originally used to produce the color of one of the most valuable gemstones. In the 12th century, the French kings made it to their color. The fifth color in the Rainbow – blue spread the feeling of freshness, clarity, harmony and even science, reduces nervousness and stress. Looking at the blue gem to be reassuring. People connect with the blue depths, the summer skies, rivers, streams and of course the holiday season. -Promoting the longing after the sea, emblem the distance color stimulates people to travel. The coldest color of the spectrum, with all the features promised you is precisely for the summer, for refreshment and recreation.


April 30, 2020 at 3:41 pmCategory:General

The latest highlight of strike: Sunglasses in the carbon look of uncompromising quality, high functionality, sporty looks and fair prices make the strike GmbH long the fixture on the sports eyewear market. Now, the company presents a very special treat for all sport enthusiasts: model 175, which already counts by especially high wearing comfort and cool shape to the top sellers, will appear in a new style: carbon look! Carbon is a material that is very durable and lightweight and is used primarily in racing and in the aerospace industry. But also many other sports equipment, such as bicycle frames, skates or tennis racket, are made like this. The carbon-style gives the popular strike sunglasses 175 a particularly sporty touch and a fancy 3D effect. The air holes incorporated in the brackets”reinforce the cool racing look. Rubberized nose pads and rubber strap ensures a particularly comfortable seat, the final form with slightly curved glass front protects against wind and oblique light. Perfect for all sports adventure whether at the bicycle tour, ski downhill, on or next to the car race track.