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Nonlife Insurance

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Determining the correct insurance amount for the fire and property insurance is a complex and opaque issue, especially in commercial or industrial companies. Determining the correct insurance amount for the fire and property insurance is a complex and opaque issue, especially in commercial or industrial companies. Precisely for this reason the risk a possible lower insurance and corresponding deductions in the case of damage this often, as positions in the areas of building and operating facilities are sometimes forgotten or incorrectly rated. For determining the correct amount, the insurance industry sees two assistance/variants which are presented and assessed in the following. 1 expert principle: assessment a manual/physical inventory and evaluation of individual building and facility positions locally is carried out by a State-vereideten expert. To broaden your perception, visit jim king.

These values serve as a basis and can in the future by means of one of the Experts issued index according to be extrapolated. Advantages: It is the principle described under 1.1. Contact information is here: jim. a very accurate method for determining the correct insurance amount, because every position of the building or facility is separately collected and evaluated. Also the insurer agrees upon request a General under insurance waiver to disadvantages: A valuation on the basis of an expert’s report brings the typically high costs. These are, in particular for medium-sized companies, often not in relation to the cost / benefit factor.

2. value of overhead calculation using the indexes of the Federal Statistical Office in Wiesbaden principle: the insured amount for the position is building or facility made up of the value of things based on insured a basic year E.g. currently 2000 (early 1970 or 1980) and a value of surcharge, which takes into account the price development until today. The acquisition values per year according to asset accounting can this help be used, with the help of the respective price indices (published by the Federal Statistical Office, Wiesbaden) up on the base year or re billed. Example: Sum of the purchase of factory equipment ‘ in the year of 1995: 250.000,-index facility 1995: 94,60% value 2000: 264.271,-benefits: main advantage in this market procedure is quite easy conversion of the assets to the base value, especially if the assets electronically are the companies available. Is calculated at the beginning of insurance the insurance sum according to the variation explained under 2.1. properly, the double value surcharge as pension is consulted for calculating under insurance. Also once a year only the arrivals and departures must be reported after first establishing of a basic sum, accordingly to determine the current insured amount. Disadvantages and dangers: The determination of the sum of insured on the basis of the system directory is in principle a simpler and cheaper method for a company that still brings this variant the valuation also some hazards to be presented briefly below: technical progress is by the Federal Statistical Office not considered remain MLA’s, foreign ownership, spare parts and accessories special conditions, equity services partially ignore, appear trade-in of old machines in asset accounting rule not in the attachment list no assets are identified which may have a separate insurance such as electronics / machinery insurance is the indexes are set up for groups of goods and therefore only averages are C. Mikosch

Sidney Batt Long

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The financial crisis is not over nor long. For investors means that but still long not, that they should be close to market developments and their money continue to bunkering admitted the financial crisis is not over nor long. That doesn’t mean for investors but, that they should be close to market developments and their money continue to bunkering in the savings bank. Such behavior comes sooner or later expensive as possible for. The signs are growing that the situation on the capital markets will normalize again. That does not mean that for the stability in the banking industry will be back fully secure, the economy was before a new boom, bond markets again have been moved in the lot.

“No, it simply means that the stupid saying – after this crisis will no longer be as before” – topical loses. Believe me: everything in the usual cars will run again in a few months. Although the economy is waxing continue, but the humility before the Lord will be written again as small as before. Return on investment, profits and profit-sharing will be again the key words which guide the life of the Manager. You don’t believe me? Then I will explain a simple example: little more than a year ago, Germany and the world knew only one topic. The end of the world triggered by climate catastrophe. Many scientists could vividly demonstrate the sacrifices of life, fruit surface, habitats and funding the ongoing development would cost if we do not rapidly and sustainably would react. Throughout Germany agreed: it must be something done so that the inevitable is avoidable.

Then came the oil shock and after the financial crisis. Meanwhile, Mrs Merkel thinks an economic crisis ahead of the next election was more severe than the climate change and calls that it should operate climate not at any price. So she joins it that despite the disaster early on isn’t everything in the old me about Mrs Merkel in the long line of those, want to leave. I can not promise you so, that soon everything will be fine. Sure I should with my prediction that it will apply the laws of money in the future, hardly fail lie. As investors this means for you, that you should quickly overcome your fear stiff again rational thinking. The end of the year is approaching and with it the deadline for action in the framework of the basic pension and measures against the flat tax. If you had planned this several months ago, you should act now. These opportunities do not come. Also as regards stocks and retirement investments, you should be not idle now. Although it is not sure whether the exchanges at the current level can hold, but one thing is quite certain: as little risk as currently they enter so quickly anymore. Keep in mind: Wise investors make their return with relatively little risk, during a relatively short period of time. (See also this link) If you want to protect your pension capital from the effects of a short-term financial, tax and economic policies. must you act rationally and take chances on tax privileges, promotion and market development. Broad strata of the population facing the poverty in old age. If you want to include, you should not too long bite firmly on the savings bank fixed deposit account, but contact your financial planner. Sincerely, your Sidney Batt (financial planners with eidg. FA) Pro 55 plus GmbH cellar road 29 D-81667 Munich E-Mail: finanzredaktion(at)altersportal.

Post Adjustment

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In this article, learn what factors lead to a post adjustment in private health insurance. The health fund has resulted in an increase in contribution in early 2009 for the majority of statutory fund. But not only legally insured must engage deeper in the Pocket, private health insurance had to adjust your contributions back to 01.01.2009. But why it actually always comes back to these adjustments and what factors lead to post increase in private health insurance. First of all, the private health insurance issued a promise all your customers. Check out jim for additional information. I.e. the services agreed to the conclusion of the contract are guaranteed over the entire period. This is an enormous advantage compared with the statutory health insurance, since health reforms many services from the catalog of the refund were deleted in the past.

In the future, it is in the legal system with further to rake cuts. But back to the private health insurance. This promise of performance must ensure always the private health insurance that is enough money to reimburse the submitted diet closely documents available. Now, the cost in the health care sector, private health insurance on a regular basis must check that whether the policyholder’s monthly contribution payments are sufficient to cover all costs. This is no longer guaranteed, private health insurance companies must match your contributions.

But actually, what factors cause these contribution increases. First and foremost, there are the increased costs for treatments, hospitalization and medicines, of course. A physician who wants to make more money with his medical practice the patient must pay with his health insurance. Another factor is the increased age. Because private health insurance is already saving the pension phase, the posts are needed even if the insurance Community average longer lives than was previously calculated. For more information on private health insurance contribution calculation can be found under Markus Kohler BK-Infoportale.de


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INVESTMENT: How is the crisis hedge of the investments guaranteed? What opportunities for investors by your funds? DORIC: We see currently no crisis influence. We are convinced that successful or major airlines (such as for example AirAsia, Emirates, Singapore Airlines and Cathay Pacific) also through this crisis will fly and even among the winners. Exactly such airlines are also the long-term tenants of our plants. The opportunity is therefore a crisis-stable asset investment with a medium-to long-term potential. It will continue to fly. AirAsia, the leading low cost carrier Asia, rising before bookings for 2009, but also E.g.

Air China or China Eastern reported in the previous year reported for February 2009 already very strong growth on domestic flights by up to 26%. INVESTMENT: Why should an investor draw? DORIC: How easily can be read on our services, we are 2.7 billion under management of one of the most experienced initiators of aircraft fund investment especially in the area of aviation with currently about USD. DORIC CEO Dr. Peter E. Hein / documentation / asset management Dr.

Peter E. Hein, since March 2005 CEO of DORIC asset finance & Verwaltungs GmbH, was recently one of the senior partners in the business of financing at the international law firm Allen & Overy in New York. Before joining Allen & Overy 1996, he was a partner in the German law Office of Bruckhaus Westrick & Sandy in Frankfurt am Main. During his many years working as a lawyer, he advised companies in more than 300 financial transactions in asset finance as negotiators”for all types of assets. His clients were international corporations and industries. Dr. Peter Hein earned the promotion to the Dr. Jur. the Faculty of law of the Rhenish Friedrich-Wilhelms University of Bonn. “Mark Lapidus business Besorgung / structuring Mark Lapidus, since March 2005 CEO of DORIC asset finance & Verwaltungs GmbH, began his professional career in 1985 with a trainee program at GE Capital and worked there then several years in commercial equipment finance”.

New York Mortgages

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Blessing or curse? Mannheim, may 27, 2008 why R. Haselsteiner and M. Wolsdorf INTERHYP sell? Eighteen months ago, the company was still 800 million worth. Now, the ING buys the innovative companies for the half. Interhyp needs fresh capital to maintain the costly expansion in the branches to finance and advertising printing. For the ING purchase means the control over a major suppliers, as well as access to branches on the ground.

After the crash of the investment banks, the banks with strong retail banking such as Santander, ING and BNP are the winners. Real estate financing is a central product to attract customers and to bind. In addition, insurance companies and later investment products can be sold the real estate finance customers. That financial institutions to buy from distributors, is nothing new. Zurich bought AWD, planet home belongs to HypoVereinsbank, Postbank has a significant involvement in Europace, Creditweb heard GMAC RRC. But is not just the success of the sales organisation in the Flexibility and independence? What happens if suddenly directives from Amsterdam, Milan and New York should be implemented in Germany? This is slightly more difficult with independence. For the Sub broker of INTERHYP, the question arises to what extent the DIBA and the INTERHYP will hunt their customers directly. Eurospace should benefit from them, which is perceived more INTERHYP as platform and Packager of the mediator.

The Postbank and the DKB and other important real estate banks are also not idly as her biggest competitor takes over control of the main supplier. They will reduce their reliance on INTERHYP and further promote their own distribution channels. At the end of the day, the offer of INTERHYP (50 banks”) will reduce de facto and INTERHYP becomes an exclusive sales organization of the ING-DIBA. And how should the Home Builder react now? Why INTERHYP ask, if there is the same product from ING DIBA? The advantage lies in optimising processes between sales and Settlement, whether a part of the savings passed on to the customer, is not safe”, as Alexandre Janicki, Managing Director of special mortgages. For the customer who falls from the standard grid of INTERHYP and larger sales organization, remain only a few alternative. One of them is the special mortgages GmbH. via the Internet and telephone the dedicated specialists for construction financing advise the credit willing, review their situation, clarify the difficulties and find another bank, which takes the loan with the test through special mortgages in some case.