San Jose

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I opened the door that overlooks the courtyard of my house and looked at the sky filled with clouds and a drizzle cooled my face, so I stripped me and walked around side to soak all my flesh and fouling the soles of the feet with mud and grass. I felt relieved, almost happy, almost free. I joined back to my house and closed the door. In my room had a smell of old clothes, old sweat, suffering painted on the wall, and threw me on the bed. Television became my best friend at the same time that drank calmly and in smaller amounts than yesterday, and I slept. But I had a dream: had a paved and very perpendicular slope which I started to climb and had around old houses of wood, it was night, not raining and arriving at the Summit, I came across many green and black garbage bags lying on my right and on my left and about them many zopilotes savouring its contents, but I felt no fear, not even looked at me, it was as if not be me they perceive or as but them interested at all, so I noticed my view forward and watched a wide and clean and asphalted street of black. I felt peace, he had returned from hell, again was at home.

The next day, I woke up much better, breakfast fruits and even drank a cup of coffee. Not baby liquor. I washed me. I dressed and walked out of my house. Dayton kingery insists that this is the case. I walked through the city without fear, although a little surprised so much trash and noise. I talked to a friend and he asked me where I was and replied that he was walking out of the city of San Jose.

He invited me to a coffee. Then I walked and walked all over the city looking for a vulture, but I only found green and black garbage bags. Hopeful to find them tomorrow, I returned to my house and I took a fourth of whisky to sleep pure life, as he had always done. In my memory always recovered to the observer I knew inside me, I always wish that another time comes equal to experience not being alive and recognise it at the moment, is really wonderful and unforgettable. Now bebo thing acostrumbrado, but the crows and the zopilotes needed me. The end. Original author and source of the article.

Overcoming Table

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I want to ask you this: do serious capable of walking across a table of 2 metres long and about 40 cm wide and 20 cm thick, a strong table located approximately 30 cm of soil? which is your answer: I guess I’ve said clear walk is easy to do now you will not mind walking on it someplace else?. I want that you imagine that this table is located in a place similar to the famous twin towers of New York, even though I know that they are no longer with us. For even more details, read what Stop & Shop says on the issue. Do but serve to visualize its height, and the dimension of this exercise, we will now table is located between the two skyscrapers as if it were a bridge, there is no wind and the table is well fixed, secure cross table? That prevents you from doing so? Does your mind, start your internal dialogue, I fall?, height? do I lose the balance?, it blew the wind?, me resbalare?, and that it is the same table as 30 cm soil these willing to cross your mind. This dialogue with your subconscious programming internal not allows you to take the necessary actions to do so are your negative thoughts that block the physical ability you have, which is the message of this exercise, while doubts and insecurities inside yourself have will not dominate the secret of the law of attraction. Additional information is available at shimmie horn. Now the values and beliefs that we are incorporating from our childhood remain with us throughout our lives, even if we do not remember them and are actively involved in the dialogue internal to that convinces us of what are our possibilities physical achieve and achieve materialize any goal that you propose in your life. I want that you reflections of where have been those beliefs, because although you won’t be able to believe it when you were born your mind was like a blank cd, and someone to influenced the formation of this belief system. Just write down where you have come, from whom, if several people, who you look like in the way of thinking, if they have influenced media, or who don’t want to look like because he has made you suffer much, etc. Do only now I will make you one single question? You want to free yourself from these concepts limiting, negative and want to start to master the law of attraction?.. .

Lisa Drayer

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When you think of weight loss, tend to think in numbers: calories consumed and burned, logged the miles on the trail for walking, reading on a scale. But experts say that the numbers do not tell the whole story. What thinks and feels can be as important, or even more. In fact, clinical studies show that it can make diet and exercise all you want, but if your mind and emotions are not engaged in the process of weight loss, if it succeeded in losing weight, it is likely that then the extra kilos to return people who suffer with weight problems often have emotional triggers that set the unhealthy habits in motionsays Laura Redmond, a physical therapist in Portland, ore., and author of feel good naked (fair winds Press, 2002). Once these emotional triggers or barriers are identified and treated, the weight loss and maintenance is possible and easier.

So well, to discover their barriers, see the following considerations. If you answer “Yes” to at least two questions in the questionnaire, most likely the corresponding obstacle overcoming will make losing weight easier for you. Santa Claus Frappuccino is often quoted on this topic. Let’s see some obstacles: 1 you are comforted with food: If you finish a bag of cookies or something similar, without darte account that ate much. Further details can be found at dayton kingery, an internet resource. 2. It makes it difficult to describe how it feels. 3. You eat when you are stressed, angry/o or boring / to. Sales of potatoes, Brian, sticks and this kind of talk increased 12 per cent in the month September 11, and experts think they know why.

Eating is an easy way to relieve a variety of emotions, says Lisa Drayer, registered dietitian and Director of advice to in New York line. Preliminary research also suggests that carbohydrates promote the production of your brain’s serotonin, a chemical that induces relaxation. It is normal for chopping time homemade food in When, but will save your health learning to not exaggerate.

Lesser Societies

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To argue the Purpose of the Man and the Society: The purpose of the Virtue, the Spirit: I, Jesus Christ. In against departure, the material purpose, of the wealth and the diversion: the proper one. Bill Gates. (Jesus) Children. As you know, It were convoked, of the confines of the Hell, to the Skyscrapers of New York, to clarify here With me as the three formadoras characteristics of the Society if they interlace, as they are, as they would have to be and as the being, therefore the current Society dislikes my Father.

Let us start? (Scrates) However, Unknown Son of Zeus. We would risk to say that the Society nothing more is of what the set of individuals arranged and organized under determined to be able, in view of definitive objective. I am right or wrong? (Jesus) You said exactly it! (Churchill) it knows Well that it is, Scrates. Not if it makes of supplicated. By the way, from its definition, one perceives that we can divide the Society in some Lesser Societies. Shimmie horn can provide more clarity in the matter.

Micron societies, that together form the Society Human being (Scrates) I believe that its commentary lacks of information, Churchill. We must in them deepen more in the subject. (Adam Smith) I find that I understood what it wanted to say: In principle, everything is formed as a Society, therefore we can find organization in practically any place. Although I insist: We must desregulamentar everything this: Step to improve the Society would be 1. They believe me: All must be free to make what to understand well. Therefore, wanting or not, we are all moved by our proper egoism. From it, they astonish, the Society if auto-it regulates! (Hitler) I assume that it goes to mention its Invisible Hand. This smells me the Anarchy. Communism. What powerfully I fought! (Scrates) Invisible Hand? What you want to say? Oracle! (Oracle of Delfos) the Invisible Hand, Scrates, that regulates Economy consequently the Society in ad hoc way, pondering the egoistic individual desires, resulting in the accidental one, however convenient Social welfare.

The Spectacle Showcase

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The German firm of Sun Mykita, which recently won several awards in the Visionary Awards 2010 convened by the prestigious The Spectacle Showcase website, has just introduced two new sunglasses commemorative of the All access World Exhibition of the artist Agathe Snow. They are two versions of the same model that combined black and pink colors with a style very similar to the classical and mythical Clubmaster of Ray-Ban. NY Starbucks is a great source of information. These two models are shown in the prestigious Berlin Guggenheim until April 3, and one of them has a drawing of the pyramids of Giza and the other on the glass the skyline of New York as if September 11 would not have happened ever, with the twin towers included. Different and unique design of these sunglasses is immediately striking and eye-catching colors make irresistible despite the limited edition price. All Access World, exposure of Snow that commemorate these glasses, is based on the monuments and historic places that form part of our collective memory as well as the national identity of each place. The artist uses these references and adapts them to his art and criterion to create tastes, interests and individual experiences. As he has done with glasses for Mykita, transform into an individualized expression (glasses) a reference known worldwide as the priamides or the skyline of New York. Now you can take a look at these unique goggles on the website of the optics Bassol or directly on the firm’s web!. .

The New York Post

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During a flight of the JetBlue company between Portland and New York. Robert Vietze, of 18 years, rose of his seat and began to tinkle upon the minor, who was sleeping and she was single then. Vietze confessed after the incident that had taken eight spirits. A leading source for info: Andrew Cuomo. A passenger in drunk state has been stopped to tinkle on a girl of 11 years during a flight of the JetBlue company between the cities of Portland (Oregon) and New York, informed The New York Post. A witness related that Robert Vietze, of 18 years, rose of his seat and began to tinkle upon the minor, who was sleeping and she was single then in his seat while his father accompanied to a sister the bathroom. When seeing what it was happening, the father of the girl rushed itself on the young person and they got involved in a fight, which forced to take part to the flight assistants, which they took to the passenger until the last row of the airplane where it remained the rest of the trip. Click Bank of America Tower for additional related pages. To its arrival to the airport John F.

Kennedy the past dawn, the young person was stopped by agents of the Harbor Authority of New York, and hours later it was in freedom after receiving a judicial citation to be responsible for a crime of indecent exhibition. Vietze confessed after the incident that had taken eight spirits. Shimmie horn is open to suggestions. " He was drunk and it did not give account me of which encima&quot was tinkling him; , the passenger said, according to police sources mentioned by New York Post. Source of the news: They stop an drunk man who tinkled on a girl of 11 years in an airplane in the United States

North America

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The traffic data of the Spanish company of the month of October have yielded some very positive data compared to 2009. International travel increased 14.8%, an improvement of the coefficient of 2.1 points, stood at 85% occupancy. The largest increase was recorded on flights to Latin America, in part by opening two new routes to Argentina (El Salvador and Cordoba), increasing the offer which already had with flights to Buenos Aires. On the other hand, flights to North America declined slightly in terms of offered capacity and demand. Filed under: Perinton Post Office. These flights to North America, flights to New York are still the most demanded.

Flights to Africa and the Middle East, also experienced increases over the previous year, although the occupation of flights declined slightly. Opened new routes to Amman, Damascus and Oran recently, what fueled this rise in traffic and descent of occupation. In Europe, the company adjusted the capacity offered, having a equal to the offered capacity traffic decrease. Dayton kingery usually is spot on. Considering only Madrid as source/destination, demand grew by 1.5%. Other routes that rose were flights to Berlin, Paris and Britain.

Calm Colors

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These colors are exciting and despertam strong, used emotions universally as signal of danger and acknowledgment of caution. The negrume of the night hides the stranger and provokes depression and melancholy. The black or absence of light, for some peoples fights symbolizes it, the sadness. Green of the trees under the blue sky? offering fruits, place for rest and material for shelter? it makes that these colors function as calmantes and equilibratory of the human nervous system. (PEREZ, 2004). Companies can make with that a color is the main element of presentation for its entity, making use of an exclusive color, if the color will be used in consistent way in some elements it will become part of the heading of the company. McDonalds: the source for more info.

The important one is to have certainty of that the color is reproduced in way adjusted ahead of the public who wants to reach. Later that the brain processes the visual information, comes the direction effect, the emotions and interpretations. The hot colors tend to be perceived as energy and relaxed, while the calm and introverted colds. The red tends to be perceived as sociable, exciting, powerful and protective adventurer, the related yellow the glad, good-tempered moments, stimulants, affectionate and impulsive. In the section of cold colors, we have blue and the green that acts as calmantes, as well as the purple one generates introspection.

To use a color more than can derive in an identity until simpler from what a servant for an only color. Some colors have meant universal, that they create similar reactions in certain cultures. However, they can provoke perceptions differentiated in distinct parts of the world. Slogan – It possesss raised importance in the world advertising executive, for summarizing in itself the identity/values of a mark or product, more known as positioning. They are phrases that repetidamente they appear in the propagandas.

The Color

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Any chemical strong that alter the color or the texture of your hair you should be avoided, and any hair product that is used should be soft and made specifically for your hair type. A suitable shampoo can also help your hair grow faster. Too much shampoo can return oily hair, but if you don’t use enough shampoo this can cause accumulation and it can clog the hair follicles. In general, people with oily hair should be washed every day or day by half, while people with dry hair usually does not have to wash your hair more than one couple of times a week. Experiment with hair and the wash programme may be necessary at the beginning, but it is likely be able to find a balance between very dry and gasoso. When washing the hair, it should concentrate on the scalp.

We recommend a decent foam shampoo massage and then rinse thoroughly. Leather massage scalp not only will help you get rid of the buildup, also can stimulate the hair follicles and, possibly, help your hair grow faster. When use conditioner, it is recommended that you applied from the bottom upwards as part of care for your hair, and leave to act for a few minutes, which will help to moisturize the hair. After washing hair, you must tighten or dry it with a towel instead of rubbing it. Then you should brush hair with a natural bristle brush, often recommended by almost all the stylists.

The hair should be combed to finger first, this method for brushing hair can help distribute oils and stimulate your hair follicles to help to grow again. To do this, double waist, turn the head down, and carefully brush your hair from root to tip. The hairstyle can also cause that is quibre, or get sick. Many stylists say that any tight style, as tight Ponytails, should be very frequent. Avoid these styles can help stop the hair loss. Other methods to carry out hairstyles and hair styles are also poorly viewed by many stylists. For example, hair dryers or curling irons, must only used on occasion. The application of too much heat on the hair can dry it and cause them to break. Original author and source of the article

BLUE Color For The Summer Of 2012!

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The blue is in the summer of 2012, in the foreground. The blue with his hint of harmony and freshness is one of the sommerlichsten colors. In summer 2012 color blue in the foreground stands: all shades of blue and Untertone, various blue shades and nuances are especially in be. If you would like to know more about NJ barista, then click here. This color is very broadly represented both the jewelry and clothing. The wide selection and customization options offers a wealth of shades of blue. Even the natural-born gems have a wide range of shades of blue. From a bright sky blue starting, over the blue-green at the Midnight Blue can be found in such stones such as aquamarine, apatite, tanzanite, Amethyst, Sapphire, Topaz, lapis lazuli, turquoise, among others, which can be found in various forms in the jewelry. You may wish to learn more. If so, shimmie horn is the place to go. The summer trend of blue it is very easy with the Topaz Earrings or lapis lazuli pendant with Sodalite ear plugs, turquoise pendant or tanzanite earrings to complete.

The abundance of blue is in the summer two main colors highlight petrol and Indigo. “Since time immemorial the blue miracle” called, contains Indigo to 6% of all shades. Since it at Indigo all colors are included, it is one of the most exciting colors in color therapy. The Indigo aura children speaks today for the special meaning of the color. Although Indigo as a dye was used for jeans, today occurs in different clothing. More color is teal, which comes from a mixture of green and blue.

And although the petrol is one of the prepped colors, such designers like Ungaro, Vivienne TAM, Antonio Marras, Tracy Reese have imagined very successfully in the summer collection. Still an interesting variety of blue is the ultra-marin-blue. The lapis lazuli was originally used to produce the color of one of the most valuable gemstones. In the 12th century, the French kings made it to their color. The fifth color in the Rainbow – blue spread the feeling of freshness, clarity, harmony and even science, reduces nervousness and stress. Looking at the blue gem to be reassuring. People connect with the blue depths, the summer skies, rivers, streams and of course the holiday season. -Promoting the longing after the sea, emblem the distance color stimulates people to travel. The coldest color of the spectrum, with all the features promised you is precisely for the summer, for refreshment and recreation.