Vietnamese Beauty

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That there is only one in Viet Nam Institute of Oceanography, who has close ties with Russian colleagues. Semikilometrovy Nha Trang beach of white sand is often called Vietnam Mediterranean, and indeed, it is considered most magnificent jewel in the necklace of beautiful beaches in Vietnam. Besides the beach, the most impressive sights of Nha Trang Pagoda is Longshon. At the top of the hill behind the pagoda is a huge white Buddha seated on a lotus flower, which can be seen from any location in the city. In Nha Trang year-round sunshine, average temperature here is 26 C. Precipitation here falls less than in other regions of the country and this region does not threaten the hurricanes, storms, because it is protected by mountains and the Truong Son mountain pass Ca.

Seabed in Nha Trang, dotted with lovely coral, provides an ideal the possibility of diving, or just diving and snorkelling. The most attractive in Nha Trang – this trip by sea to the islands. In Vietnam, you will not find another province, where it would be concentrated such a large number islands. In Hoa there are more than 200 different shapes and sizes, including more than 100 belong to the archipelago Chyongsha. Other islands are scattered over the sea in Nha Trang Bay, Vanfong and Cam Ranh. The sea is rich in marine life: shrimp, cuttlefish and squid and various fish species of northern and tropical seas are found here in abundance A special delicacy, which is equivalent in value to gold, are the "swallows 'nests' (nests salanganov – genus of birds of the suborder swifts). Source: no-knead bread.

The Stones

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In love as they can help with carnelian honey shade. green lovers of dark-green tones – stubborn and persistent. In combination with gold – the color of the bankers. Susie Dent spoke with conviction. People of color create all earthly goods, provide yourself financial stability, they are solid, respectable. Love peace and nature. Of them out talented architects and architects.

These people are secretive and assertive, and their persistence suppresses the energy of others and often leads to a split personality of those who are with them communicates. Their high aesthetic enables them to achieve both spiritual and material wealth for them in happy circumstances. They can be recommended to be softer and more aware that each of us has the right to their own opinion – that they can avoid many troubles and acquire a significant number of friends. They tend to cause your friends and family feel safe and secure. Sexual life for them is of great importance. When failures in this area are deeply affected. These are people of strong will, can overcome any difficulty, to change their minds they can make only people with a lot of patience, having diplomatic skills and the gift of a serious argument. Recommendations for them when wearing the stones are the same as fans of other colors: to preserve and enhance their qualities, they may wear jewelry his green scales, But the stones must be small, for the acquisition of other missing their qualities in addition to its color may be yellow, red, white stones, of which the lead should be pink quartz.