Nobert Rottgen Speaks Before Boards

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“Prof. Dr. Hubertus Domschke, PPC plan project consult, shows the large ecological and economic potential of BtL fuel on Berlin, 22.01.2012 – on January 18, 2012, the event was innovation from Saxony new energies” held in the representation of the free State of Saxony, the Federal Government in Berlin. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Greg Williamson. The event is a collaboration of the representation of the free State of Saxony, the Federal Government, Saxon Energy Agency s, the Wirtschaftsforderung Erzgebirge GmbH and the WatS heat exchanger GmbH. “against the backdrop of new solutions are needed the energy transition and the shortage of raw materials, produce the efficient energy and recycle”, so Torsten Enders, CEO of the WatS heat exchanger Sachsen GmbH. According to Prof. Dr.

Hubertus Domschke, PPC project consult Dresden there is a great potential for CO2 savings and use as can be stored energy in the BtL fuels. This will be in the future of great importance in the new energy mix from biomass of produced synthetic diesel. Thus he spoke Environment Minister Dr. Nobert Rottgen from the participants and the present boards of CEHATROL fuels EC, the EC Freudenberg CEHATROL technology EC, EC and the CEHATROL distribution EC I.g. about the challenges of the energy revolution. According to Rottgen, new energies and energy efficiency will constitute the two main pillars of the energy revolution. “In 2012 the company under the brand name CEHATROL secure the step to the energy revolution. All members of the cooperative are benefit, no matter in what field of new energies, the success story is written.”so Frank Knauer, Director of the CEHATROL technology EC.

“2012 we will have attached large parts of our five-year budget and implemented. In the cooperative, we give everyone the opportunity to participate with his assets and skills to the success. An example is the site partnership as CEHATROL licensee.”so Knauer next. For more information, see Helmut Uhlig network Messenger – member of the DVPJ

Bird Flu

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Overview of events for the week of 17/03/2008 to 23/03/2008. In Moscow, killing birds and walk the streets of wild animals in the beginning of the week in many media outlets have been alarming reports of that, in the courtyard houses in Moscow were discovered 34 dead birds. Given the increased number of registered cases of bird flu in Asia, from Moscow suggested that the epidemic of the H5N1 virus has reached the capital of Russia.

However, information that the birds died from avian influenza virus was later disproved. Just do not correspond to reality, and the second version of bird deaths, according to which the taiga waxwings were killed by firearms. As later informed the department of wildlife and the environment of the capital, caused mass mortality of migratory birds in Moscow could become a window with a mirror coating, which disoriented birds in the air. Attention Muscovites last week, attracted not only killed in mysterious ways migratory birds, but also wild animals walking across the Russian capital. Or rather one animal – elk, which, as it turned out, was a female deer. In the news reported that on Wednesday at the south of Moscow wandered elk.

The Baby

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People familiar with this procedure, confirm, not a cheap and I wonder how the clinic has managed to discern, but rather nafantazirovat such a result. One can not see another one of the sins that we have in our veterinary – unwinding of the client, inventing what some fantastic diseases. Just want to tell you about a real event in my life: This story takes place with my girlfriend (actually, on the basis of which we met). Valentine's Day my husband gave her a wonderful four months of oriental kitten. The kid was bought in one of the renowned Kiev nurseries, which for many years enjoyed a good reputation.

As is well known in our country are very fond to carry out all sorts of unplanned repair teplomagestraley when the temperature outside is not above zero, and the Orientals still warmth-loving creature as they did not try to heat a conventional flat fan heaters and fireplaces for 2 days of repairs, the kitten still cold. Well, good cold, naturally the question arose of what to do, but since it was their first animal and a trusted doctor they did not have, first, that we decided to do – immediately in the clinic! For a short time that the kitten had lived in their family, all had very attached to him and therefore decided to health of the baby does not save went to one of the most expensive veterinaries Kiev. The doctor examined the animal, wrote a treatment for uncomplicated, consisting of strong antibiotics (so the result was visible at once), which are naturally to them immediately and sold, assuring them that the more they never find such a "miracle drug".

Audio Dream

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The insomnia is an upheaval of the dream that at some time affects to very many people of permanent form and all person of the planet of its lives. Not only he is annoying, but it can be constituted in a serious threat for health, the work (because it affects the performance), humor, etc. What is the insomnia? Insomnia is the difficulty to initiate or to maintain the dream, or the lack of repairing dream. It is the upheaval of the most frequent dream and greater public health repercussion. The world-wide Organization for the Health, with respect to the insomnia enunciates 3 symptoms or characteristics to have account to determine that we have a case of insomnia: The alteration of the dream must at least occur three times to the week during at least a month. If you are not convinced, visit Greg Williamson. The existence of an excessive preoccupation, on not being able to sleep, that appears as much during the day as at night.

The unsatisfactory quality or amount of the dream produces a general malaise or interferes with the social functions and daily occupations. Many forms exist to manage to be a repairing sleepy, and in this article I will present/display a form to him forced that it to sleep. Before recommending that form to him I will give some basic ones him. Although a tired person will sleep au in rocks or earth, is recommendable that you have a sufficiently comfortable bed to extend and to move calmly by her. A ventilated good room, aid to make exercises much of breathing. A temperadita among 15 25 Celsius degrees will feel pleasant. As far as its clothes, this must be comfortable. The loose pieces are much better than pieces imprison than it.

In order to be a repairing sleepy it is important that you make exercise. An intense long walk by its neighbourhood a pair of hours before sleeping can help it to tire its physical body. He is recommendable that takes a shower that it takes a hot bath, before lying down. Now we happen to the strong plate. The technology makes impressive advances in many areas and one of them is as regards the brain. One has been that the brain responds to certain waves and that in certain frequencies the brain receives the order of ” duerme” , ” duerme”. Thanks to the ACOUSTIC TECHNOLOGY, to sleep calmly, the unique thing that you must do you are to listen Audio special Hearing aid, in its computer or reproducer of Mp3. After a pair of minutes to listen to it, you will be sleeping deeply. This technology is so outpost that does not require any special equipment and produces surprising results from the first time of use.