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November 27, 2020 Comments Off on Alaska

Yesterday I read a story that touched my heart. It was a father and his son who had gone out to fish in the cold waters of Alaska with a group of friends. The plane they were travelling broke down, and when they took off to return home, the unit plunged into the icy waters. All reached out of the plane and began to swim toward the shore. It was of vital importance to exit the ice water as soon as possible to avoid the risk of falling into hypothermia. Everyone arrived safe, less the father and his son. The father had been helping to his young son of 12 years and both were frozen before reaching landfall.

The father could have saved his life, but he forgot his trying to save that of her child. You may find that best bars in new york can contribute to your knowledge. This story reminded me of the news that I had read just the previous day. Mother dies along with the son who was trying to rescue from fire. Before his death still he reached to save his two daughters older than 12 and 16 years. Tragedies like these move our hearts and remind us of the incredible magnitude of the a father’s love. (A valuable related resource: shimmie horn). In times of emergency, the natural reaction of a father or a mother is the protect their young.

To meditate on these breathtaking heroics, the next thought popped into my mind: the vast majority of parents would give his life to die for their children, but many of them today delivered his life to live by them? In an accelerated world of growing demands and competitiveness, families are paying a very high price. The biggest problems today are not in the economic area, but in the disintegration of the family nucleus. Statistics show that only one in four families has today to his mother and father at home. That means that the majority of children do not see at least one of their parents on a regular basis.

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