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October 29, 2021 Comments Off on Albert Einstein

‘Happiness is relative!’, a certain Albert Einstein would say. Some people are others happy, if they have professional and social success that, if they can afford to material things. The family with children, a dog and a house in the countryside is an often quoted luck scenario. The birth of the common child with a beloved partner par excellence is happiness. To observe this can be lucky but also on a sunny day on a meadow lying clouds. Happiness is often associated with wealth, health, and family.

The real lucky to find, is the most exciting thing there is if they do find it. You may want to visit connecticut to increase your knowledge. While that’s not so hard. There is a place where there are clear signs, which is the correct way to happiness: it’s called belly feeling, inner voice or even intuition. This voice, this feeling, or how whatever you like to call it, works like a compass: Definitely who consistently follows the indicated direction, reach its target. Thus this compass always works, it is necessary to keep his inner energy that is wasted by stress, anger or rage at a high level. Many people try to find a reasonable balance with sport or physical relaxation. There is also an other, highly effective, you can permanently increase own energy level without much effort: with the secret meditation.

It belongs to a whole new kind of meditation, the so-called active meditation. The secret is not the goal of achieving a deep relaxation, meditation (www.secret-meditation.de) but serves as a kind of energy filling station. You animate the user audio-visual, so film, music, language and nature sounds, to increase its energy. With the Sunrise variant you can start the day and finish him off with the starry sky version. Both variants are only ten minutes long and in everyday life, when the small energy hunger, easily over the various players reproduce themselves. The happiness Turbo variant who from his Luck can take a picture, it is so present in the spirit and can feel, which is that during the secret meditation received energy directly on this inner image and the feeling of belonging. Who’s doing this continuously, will gain true miracles in his life and may change his definition of happiness. Sometimes shows the experience that dreams and wishes at which are not so helpful and desirable; and then there are things that make happier than ever expected in turn. “The good old Albert” is so quite right when he says: happiness is relative. ” The secret meditation – Sunrise

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