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If managers are afraid to answer questions, find an excuse to not answer or respond so that they can not understand, then have to find another partner. A good manager will tell us about the deal in detail, to show all? pitfalls? and help them get around. You have chosen to agency. However, sleep and wait until you bring the money, not worth it. Looketh, learn the details of the transaction.

To sell an apartment you will need to arrange: the signing of the contract of alienation; registration of the sale of real estate by the registering body, an extract from the apartments of all prescription (removal of the register production or for registration at the new place of residence); acceptance, transfer of real estate. When you clear idea of all the stages of the transaction and the fact that you have to do is to talk with the agent about money. Buyer usually makes the agent the whole cost of the apartment before signing the sales contract. The first payment to the seller (50%) will be available upon completion of registration of the contract by the registering body. After discharge, the tenants of the apartment can be receive an additional 40%. After the liberation of the apartment, handing over the keys and receipts you receive the remaining 10%. You may refuse to pay the sum in installments, if any risk factors for the buyer.

Then you get the full amount for their property at a time, after all the above conditions. This can occur in the following cases: selling real estate in trust, and if after the last sale of the property less than two months, real estate is actually the subject of the pledge, the title documents for real estate are duplicates; to sell the apartments registered or actually living persons who are not owners (for example, minor children, other relatives), etc. If the buyer of your apartment and at the same time wants to sell his apartment, you will be able to get the money after the registration of all contracts on a chain. On such conditions is almost every other transaction of real estate. In this limit, if a transaction is engaged in a professional agent and calculations are organized correctly, there is no danger. This raises the question Apartments rise in price, the buyer can appear within an hour, and a week later. How not to miscalculate the price? According to the analytical center irn.ru, minimal gains for the week is about 1.1%. Therefore, learning assessment cost of an apartment from a real estate agent, do not forget to ask how quickly you pick up a buyer, how long it will take shape if the deal you have all the documents, and offer good value for money considering the time factors. Thus, you can protect yourself from possible losses associated with an increase in apartment prices and inflation changes the hryvnia. A. Sinkevich Source: Real Estate Article address: Sell flat and not lose money

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