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Neither the beauty of the face or thickness and hair length, or subtlety and elegance of the hands, fingers, no wasp waist – do not play a role as important as height and breast size, the degree of vyvalivaemosti neck, protruding fifth point and how tightly it obtyanuli dzhinsy.Odnako Dominican beauty on the international scene has glorified the actress, was born in this country, not the fifth point, despite the fact that Hollywood is a niche roles passionate Latin temptress, quick-tempered and bright. However, it was a little less than a century ago, and if and customs were a few others. Maria Montez (1912 – 1951), the actress playing the queen of costume films Technicolor (the direction in the film, using color film of intense colors). Gained wide popularity in the 40's of last century for taking part in 26 films, 21 of which was filmed in Hollywood. Maria Africa Vidal Gracia was born in Barahona (the capital of the homonymous province of the Dominican Republic), in family was the second child of ten. Since childhood, she self-taught English, and in 1932 he had her come in handy – she married William McPheeters, an American banker working in her seaside hometown town. This marriage lasted only a few years, and in 1939 they were officially divorced. For even more analysis, hear from Hudson River. Maria remains in New York, her exotic looks she determines her work model, but she dreams of becoming an actress. Mary hires an agent with him they invent a biography and a new name for the future star, but also change the year of birth, making her 6 years younger.

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