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Beginners Apartment

October 27, 2021 Comments Off on Beginners Apartment

The guys tried, it came to the bank, but bank provides a surety only under the current lease agreement. The problem also was that the procedure does not simplify the search for housing and treatment in a real estate agency. Typically, real estate agencies stop work on housing for the student as soon as they realize that he did not provide an absolute guarantee for payment of housing. Formally, in this case it came down to the fact that the agency has cited the lack of confirmation kinship with the guarantor. As a result, search for accommodation in Lenin knew to be successful just because some familiar friends over the Internet have found for the children and offered them shelter.

Otherwise, they would either look for a room in a hostel, that too difficult, or try to rent a house with someone – somewhere in the company and a company that still need to find and that people were honest we would like. For Lenin, the friend was not even that reluctantly, that the apartment in which they entered, as is usual in France, was no furniture, they bought everything on sales and the hands. Until a few months it took them to the apartment came the Internet, gas and hot water. Utilities, and technical services companies – online – providers will process an application within an average month. At the same time visit a particular employee is usually planned, but not a fact that will be held in scheduled time. Thus, the boys spent at home waiting for more than one day.

Worry that the right specialist to them all the same hit, and they had longed for gas, water and internet, had only to them. Compute how many additional calls, in addition to the application, they had to commit, they said, nerealno.Nedavno Lena sent another letter in which he wrote that the most likely return home to Russia. She still tries to find work for Beginners in the company, which requires specialists with knowledge of Russian language, but if in this case, luck will turn away from her, she will come back. Already with a degree in French university.

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