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April 23, 2020 Comments Off on Central Government

It could be said that la guajira is a beautiful Princess, the most beautiful princesses, those that live in castles, out of a fairy tale. Any other Princess of Colombia has so many natural, mineral and energy riches.Are not a secret for anyone their enviable treasures, such as: coal mine opencast largest in the world, the first Park of energy wind power of the beautiful salinas de Manaure, Colombia; We produce more than 70% of the salt puts flavor to Colombian cuisine, boasts the largest reserve of natural gas in the territory, has beautiful green landscapes with diversity of flora and fauna, fertile land and act for any kind of cultivation, is bathed by the waters of the vast Caribbean and which is crossed by several rivers, has important reserves of groundwater, currently has 98 mines in where exploit sites as diverse as gold, marble, clay, gypsum, copper, iron, wand, limestone, lead, the caulin, zinc and many others who better to leave them hidden beneath the stones at the moment. And as if all these riches were not enough found in border area, a privilege more that gives him mother nature so that it can expand trade if they so wish. However, her stepmother (the Central Government), has become it a poor and miserable Cinderella has kept it excluded and isolated from everything what we call development and progress, has it mired in ignorance and illiteracy to the point of occupy the last places in educational quality, child malnutrition levels are the most senior in the countryso much so that daily children die for this cause, I affirm and can demonstrate that the rural population has unsatisfied basic needs in 90%, research groups are Off., in a few words to this unhappy Princess touches him eat the crumbs that fall from the table, in which her cruel stepmother devours the great delicacy that corresponds to it by law. And as if little, the Princes who have tried to rescue her, end up being crushed by a huge and horrendous Monster called corruption do could some Prince rescue the beautiful Princess of the claw of her cruel stepmother out of backwardness and poverty in which it is found, without being devoured by the horrible monster of corruption? NILSA GONZALEZ PEnALOZA original author and source of the article

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