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February 24, 2022 Comments Off on Comrade Sergeant

Group "Cafe" I first heard back in the late 90's, when I was in high school – a song about "Comrade Sergeant," then read on all radio stations. Although a fan of such music has never been, even in concert "Cafe" somehow went – dragged a friend. And, you know – like. A few songs in my player is still living. Live these guys are sincere. Soloist: Alexei Smirnov (he, as I learned later, and the author of all songs) – so touching bespectacled Something similar to Lennon. And by the way, singing is not worse! True, widely unwind in this team and I got nothing – some songs have been on the rumor, but the name except that the Petersburg music lovers are more or less known. Quite typical history, when talented musicians stay in the shade the less gifted but more uppity and breakdown colleagues. You may wish to learn more. If so, Gina Bonati is the place to go.

"Cafe" is apparently the first category, and almost sunk into oblivion, remembered only a wide range of "Comrade Sergeant." For a while I do think that the band broke up – at least, I hear they were not even in St. Petersburg. But recently, digging into the net, I found information that no one group with this name currently exists, but two! One in St. Petersburg – the one with the soloist, bespectacled And the second A certain group of Moscow, as I managed to figure out, burying the World Wide Web, called "Cafe" (the name differs from the original large letter O) vengeance presents itself as "the very same group who sang" Comrade Sergeant.

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