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April 25, 2020 Comments Off on Federal Employment Agency

The benefits of networkers in comparison to the independence in retail are clear: he has no storage costs and pay no rent. Unemployed people who want to become self-employed with network marketing, are financially supported by the Federal Employment Agency (BA). Volker draw by the Regional Directorate North of the federal employment agency in Kiel: “Entrepreneurs who have no inflated expectations, can create a solid income with network marketing.” Most people who decide to network marketing, go initially part-time, such as the Hamburg-based naturopath Hans-Peter Rauh. “Inspired the zero-emission products have me first and foremost. Network is to train new distributors and extensively to escort”, says rough. Who is enthusiastic, registered already for his own use as a distribution partner.

Almost a quarter of the NetWorker employees in Germany full-time work. An example of this is the former pharmacist Elfie Bieber in Taufkirchen near Munich. She came through a bulk mail on network marketing and says: “with something you would not have me actually lure, but I had nothing to lose.” You earned a salary from which one can live together well after three years. About the success, she says: “without increased expectations and with enough stamina to get to the target.” Those who are interested should consider but critically the company in any case. Network companies that promise excessive earning potential, are usually not as serious. Also a phone call to the consumer advice centre (or search on the Internet) can do no harm. Black sheep are often already known. The great success of this form of distribution have now but even established companies are awake. So pharmaceutical manufacturers to consider whether over-the-counter funds in this way be scared away. If you would like more information on the subject, or a reputable company looking for what is expanding strongly in Europe, would I be happy if you contact me. CONTACT an independent Ringana sales partner 817091 Andreas Brown Selenter Road 9 24148 Kiel phone + 49 (0) 431 23764630 mobile + 49 (0) 171 6753292 e-mail free information material request under

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