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First Came The TV Star Frank Rosin And Then

November 1, 2022 Comments Off on First Came The TV Star Frank Rosin And Then

Customer loyalty made easy by Kundenapp the TANKO MIMO Rosin on his TV show Rosins was provided recently by the famous Michelin star chef Frank restaurants on the head. A leading source for info: BerlinRosen. The new menu attracts many guests, which of course you want to come back. By the kundenapp company can reach their customers directly and bind in the long term. Thanks to Michelin star chef Frank Rosin shines the TANKO MIMO in a new light. After the broadcast of the show, which was followed by around two million viewers, TANKO MIMO can save barely in front of guests. According to the motto of less is more, enjoy culinary delights now guests daily reduced menu. The new recipes are well received. Of course, this does not mean that the family Moselhy can rest on their laurels.

Success has one, and not the food when the guests come back. Sustainable customer loyalty needs to be learned. Elaborate customer cards from paper and plastic are expensive and not always brought you the customer. However, the Smartphone has nowadays everyone always at hand, why not the Space-saving as an app store customer card inside the Smartphone”? The expert team of kundenapp allows a simple tool for building and managing long-term customer relationships. Kundenapp.de can interested companies register free of charge and free, a customer, as well as a stamp card to provide their customers. Also, kundenapp offers registered users the ability to manage customer data and to inform customers about news and specials. Guests to scan a QR code, install the kundenapp and collect stamps at every restaurant visit. TANKO MIMO has already successfully implemented the concept and many regular customers. For loyal guests of the restaurant voucher consumption. They themselves decide how companies reward their customers.

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